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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 25 September

Peter's got a big client meeting with a lucrative potential contract at stake. But when Michelle refuses to help, sticking to her remit as PA, Peter is forced to fly solo. The meeting goes well but when the rep presses Peter over a discrepancy in the figures, Michelle butts in and the pair bicker.
Hayley's nervous as she waits for Christian and when he fails to show, Roy's heart aches for Hayley.
David's feeling the pressure while an exhausted and stressed out Kylie snaps at him. With Audrey's help, David surprises Kylie with lunch. But when Gail calls to say the results of Nick's tests were good, David feels more under pressure than ever.
Eva and Gloria are forced to reluctantly support Stella's decision to sell the pub. Michelle's angered by Ryan's relentless irresponsibility.

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Zagg said...

This is all getting so tedious. David knows but he doesn't want Kylie to know he knows. Kylie and Gail know but they don't know David knows. UGH...please just let everybody bloody know and be done with it.
I never bought the idea that if Kylie knew David knew about the baby she would leave him. Why? It makes no sense if he's willing to accept it all.
And Ryan...I thought we were done with him. He can't leave the cobbles quick enough for me. And please let Steve break up with the oh so unpleasant Michelle. Very sick of her sour face and rolling eyes.

ChiaGwen said...

Could Michelle get angry enough to accidentally push Ryan down the stairs, thus ridding Weatherfield of one bad actor and a most irritating one?

Newfy Pearl said...

This ep is a good example of why I love Corrie. Example: Michelle is not my fav but i don't like how she is being treated by Carla and Peter. I have no sympathy for Peter after what he did to Leanne....but it took humility for him to say what he did to the client...and I do think he will be a good boss for the factory. Loving it loving it!!
I agree....Ryan is a waste of space...I was afraid the writers were aiming to make Michelle and Ryan the modern day Elsie and Dennis...thank goodness this is not the case...Ryan is leaving the cobbles!

John McE said...

That factory scene was just excruciating. Still it's all just so Michelle can be in t'Rovers, so why bother with believability?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yep the faktray business with Michelle who was supposed to have brought it back from the brink of bankruptcy with her entrepenareal skills and now is being sidelined by the bosses dozy boyfriend is very forced and contrived, same as Stella suddenly wanting to sell the Rovers - all so Madam Callard can return. They have certainly pulled out all the stops, lets hope she doesnt "disappear" off to see Andy in Spain again.

Anonymous said...

I can see Michelle up and leaving. It's really bad when the boss' wife or girlfriend or husband gets a job in your office just because of who they are - not because they have any skills and you just have to take a back seat and shut up. All you can do is sit there and fume while the GM tells you that you have to train them up for your position, that this person is going to be your 'right hand' even though you don't need help. Happens a lot so this storyline is very close to what goes on out there.

Bill Burp said...

That is exactly the point Frosty is making Anonymous above that its all being set up for Michelle to leave - she has already walked out - so she can be barmaid again. And Peter Barlow is a bookie who would have a head for figures so him messing up in front of the client yesterday was just silly.

Newfy Pearl said...

That is a fantastic point! Peter messing up on the figures. Remember that scene where it showed Peter being a whiz with figures and in no need of a calculator?? Then again if he printed a spreadsheet...and is not familiar with computers...this could be believable. If his formulas were wrong or a number misplaced it would throw the numbers out of whack.
Too much thought..Michelle is being pushed out..end of. It is what I have been looking forward to.....I feel a little bad for her...but she is so annoying and arrogant when things are going her way.
I like that Carla will have her nose out of joint with Michelle's desertion. It will be so funny when Peter plays around with Tina. Geez! I really don't like Michelle or Carla do I! lol


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