Friday, 20 September 2013

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Friday September 20

It's Roy birthday but it's tinged with sadness for both Roy and Hayley as they realize this will be the last one together. Refusing to get upset, and putting a brave face on the the fact that Christian hasn't responded to her message, Hayley throws herself into planning Roy's party in the pub. It's a lovely evening but, as reality kicks in, will they confide their fears in each other?

Stella tries to rid the Rovers of any reminders of Karl. Her family urge her not to blame herself. Meanwhile, Eva thanks Jason for his support, remarking on what a great guy he is. Sean wonders if Eva fancies Jason.

Fiz moves her stuff into Tyrone's house. It's a joyous moment for the couple, only dampened by Fiz's upset over Hayley's illness. Sinead, meanwhile, promises to look after Chesney at no.5.

Tim feels bullied by Sally into booking a trip to Paris.

Hayley insists she's determined not to be defined by her illness. Roy vows to be strong for her. With the karaoke underway (one of Hayley's requests) she sets about enjoying Roy's birthday celebrations. Hayley is adamant she's going nowhere till she's taught Roy to drive, done a spot of ballroom dancing and spent more time with Hope and Ruby (Fiz and Tyrone have asked them to be surrogate grandparents).

In a bid to escape the karaoke, Jason suggests Eva join him at his house for a drink. Eva accepts and the couple grow merrier and Jason moves in for a kiss.

Chesney and Sinead spend their first night alone at no.5. There's a sense of excitement about what the future holds.

Feeling railroaded into booking a trip to Paris, Tim lies to Sally that he has to work away next week and begs Jason to play along.
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lizzieizzard said...

Sally clue up Tim isn't interested in anything more than slap and tickle all the perks of a relationship but no ties. He is creepy lets hope she will open her eyes and realise before she becomes the joke of the street. This story line is so embarrassing and very tacky,so please just keep to the impressive story of hayley and Roy just being a loving couple and trying to fill their time together full of treasured memories...

Rosie L said...

God I'm wrung out already, these two- Julie and David - are amazing, the acting is beyond excellent. I can't help thinking that Hayley, strong as she is, is going to hit a brick wall shortly, then the tears are really going to flood.

Anonymous said...

All the scenes with Roy and Hayley were truly poignant and moving. The type of A-one acting we won't soon forget. They portrayed what a couple has to face when one is soon to be "departing" and facing the end.

The other stories about new beginnings (Ty and Fiz moving in together, asking the Croppers to be "grandparents" for the kids; Ches and Sinead giving it a go as a couple, etc etc) were equally good. The sadness re: Hayley was interspersed with hope, and all very well played out.

What ruined my viewing was every time they cut away to Stella and her pity party with her raspy voice and a face on her that looked like she'd just sucked on a lemon.

~JB in Canada

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