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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Corrie weekly update - pedantry, pigeons and a leopardskin onesie

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The big story this week, indeed the big story this month and the one that is likely to run until it has wrung every last salty tear from us is that of Roy and Hayley.  Hayley wants Roy to learn how to drive so that he’s prepared as best he can be for when she’s no longer around to drive him about.  But Roy gets sacked by the driving instructor for driving too slow and being too pedantic. Undeterred, Hayley rings Dave’s School of Motoring and gets Roy another instructor to take him out on the road and under his wing in the Woody.  Hayley contacts her son Christian, remember he was the one who once beat her up?  She wants to see him before she dies although Roy doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.  And frankly, neither do I.

Roy and Hayley’s love story has been one of the most unconventional - not just on Coronation Street but in the whole history of British TV culture - and to watch these two great actors working through the difficult storyline of Hayley dying from cancer over the next few months is already heartwrenching to watch. It’s tricky enough as it is right now, with the two of them trying to make the most of the time Hayley’s got left.  As a fan, I think we’re also mourning the end of a great partnership not just on-screen between Hayley and Roy but between actors David Neilson and Julie Hesmondhalgh who play them, and that’s a partnership that’s going to be hard to say goodbye to when Hayley finally dies. Oh stop it, it’s so sad. Anyway, on with the rest of the show…

Sally’s making all sorts of plans for a romantic weekend away with Tim after he mentions that he’d quite like to take her somewhere for a few days. Problem is, he’s thinking beer in Blackpool and she’s thinking romance in Paris.  Tim tries to get away from Sally’s clutches, realising she wants more from him than he wants from her.

Faring better in the love stakes are Tyrone and Fiz when Fiz agrees to move in with Tyrone. There’s a lovely little scene where Tyrone finds an injured pigeon in the garage, a sure omen that Jack is watching over him and Fiz and their two little girls as the family Dobbs-Stape move in together and make the Duckworths house their home.   Tyrone entertains the notion of keeping pigeons in the yard, but Fiz isn’t keen.

St Ella mopes around the Rovers. “I’m worried she’s going to do summat stupid,” says Eva. “What?” replies Gloria. “Like buy a leopard skin onesie?”   Giving the onesie a miss, St Ella decides to sell the pub as it’s got too many bad memories.  Jason and Eva are now a couple and St Ella walks in on them snogging in the back room.  Yes, sell up, St Ella, sell up now, sell up quick and move back to Walford taking your dodgy accent with you. Just go. Walk out the door. Don’t turn around now. You’re not welcome any more.   There was a lovely line from Eileen when she finds out that Jason is seeing Eva after having gone out with St Ella in the past. “What? Collecting the set are you?” she says.

And finally this week, Carla’s away in Antwerp. “I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland,” says Sean. “It’s in France!” Eva corrects him, incorrectly.  “It’s Belgium” says Peter, as he tells the girls and Sean at the factory that he’s in charge while Carla’s away.  Michelle doesn’t much like the sound of this and clocks off in a huff.

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Anonymous said...

Road-rage Roy - who knew he was even capable of such emotion?

Stella treated herself to a new blouse-beige of course. A little dig at the viewers perhaps?

Good episodes - glad Eva and Jason are together.

Anonymous said...

Yes I thought that when I saw Stella modelling the new shirt - thought she would have bought an amazing bright coloured one that stated I am over him I am moving on and lets start anew - only one that said she liked it was Gloria! Looking forward to seeing Jason and Eva actually having some happy time together lets hope the writers will let them sail into the sunset and have a happy life..


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