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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Corrie Weekly Update - Craig legs it, Hayley's had bad news, Jason plays detective

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 Good evening everyone and once again I am not Glenda who is away on holiday but I am here to let you know about events this week in Weatherfield. Walking in the famous footsteps is an honour and a special thank you to those who wrote last week following my update.

I ended last week with a brief note about Craig who is now going off the rails. Anyway he has told Karl that he, Craig, was smoking and therefore must have been responsible for the fire which killed Sunita and the firewoman. And that he had seen Karl coming or going. Craig becomes so scared that he decides to run away, leaving a note telling Beth to say sorry to Dev for the harm he has done. No-one knows what to make of all of this and they spend most of the week looking for him.
Eventually Karl (who might not be quite as ruthless as he appears) phones Craig who reveals he is living rough by the side (apparently) of the main West Coast electrified railway. Karl goes to talk him down and we have a number of scenes of the two of them apparently walking along a railway without any regard to moving trains. Given that the lineside is simply no accessible these days the scenes are highly misleading. Anyway Craig comes home and tells Beth that they are bullying him at school.

Hayley is in hospital all week and we first have to endure a delayed operation and she finally goes down to theatre at about 1pm with a minimum six hour operation ahead, any earlier and things are not good. Well before seven the surgeon is looking for Roy - the cancer is inoperable and all they can offer is palliative care and maybe six months. Hayley wakes and realises it is too early so does not need telling. Heartbreak ensues for Roy and for viewing public. We are going to lose the red coat. At the end of the week visitors are
allowed and Carla brings in Fiz and Julie who work hard on trying to cheer Hayley, although nothing brings cheer to Roy; in his case Hayley is insisting repeatedly and at length that he has to learn to drive. Something will no doubt come of this but initially Roy is reluctant but eventually agrees.

Peter Barlow is not sure what he is doing or why in the factory - indeed he seems completely out of place. I suspect the writers are at a complete loss as well on this one.

Planning for the wedding of the century continues in the Rovers - Karl is not allowed a word and the plans seem to become ever more elaborate every time we hear about them.

Is Jason blessed with intelligence? The evidence of the last 10 years implies otherwise but following his run in with Karl in the toilet last week he now seems to be encouraging Dev to revisit his concerns about the fire and the death, or perhaps murder, of Sunita. Jason starts thinking back to events at the stripper evening and that Karl was on first. And then was in the back room and not seen by anyone. Hmm I wonder where he was? Anyway the brain cell is working hard.

Now Owen has been sorting out the damp problem at Audrey's. You had forgotten that? So had we - except that on top of everything else there are a couple of loose tiles. And what does a builder find in a loft -
well dry rot of course. Whole roof has to come off the and timbers renewed. Audrey has to move out. And all the B&Bs are very expensive.

Max has a sixth birthday party for most of which he remains sulking upstairs - his nose well and truly out of joint now that there is a pampered baby in the house. David applying his excellent and indeed unparalleled parenting skills decides that he will adopt the kid so that he is the equal of Lily (who may or may not have a different father of course).

And talking of Nick, that is all that has happened this week, so I assume the next time we see him he will be extremely sun-tanned as there have been no sightings of him at all this week.

Chesney and Sinead are back together and all seems well there. Sal thinks she has a new boyfriend in Tim. He does not even think they are going out together yet. And Tracy and Rob have not been seen so I assume the recycling shop is not doing well at the moment.

Anyway Hayley has been playing a blinder, as has Roy and we shall never see her like again.

And that's just about that for this week. Remember, you can sign up to get these Corrie weekly updates by email at and I'll be back next week around this time.

This week's writers were Jan McVerry, Debbie Oates, Julie Jones, Joe Turner and Martin Allen. The director was Ian Bevitt. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at
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Frosty the Snowman said...

What's all this dumbing down of Audrey all of a sudden? They seem to be trying to turn her into a blithering idiot like her daughter! Stop it now

Anonymous said...

Who knows. Corrie nowadays want to turn the senior female characters into idiotic characters, and sadly Audrey (who is my personal favourite played by a great actress) is fallen victim to this stupid writing.

"What is that?" "I thought it was a rat!" Really? And also, a businesswomen of many years does not know to get quotes from other builders and just trusts Owen, who isn't the most reliable person anyway?

Why do people keep hiring him? Is there no life outside Coronation Street at all?

Anonymous said...

For someone who is always so busy with work, Owen is very readily available whenever he is needed on the Street.

ChiaGwen said...

Agree Frosty - Audrey seems to be going down the path set for the village idiot Gail. Isn't Kevin's house empty - surely Sally would let Audrey stay there while he is away tending to Bill? I'm presuming they had to have Audrey make life difficult for Maria and Marcus,since what I read is to be believed, he becomes involved with Todd.

Kate said...

The unwillingness of Maria and Marcus to help Audrey doesn't really ring true to me. Like Maria said she's been like a mother to her, and Marcus has never once turned down an opportunity to help anyone since he's been on the Street! Found those scenes quite odd I must say. And what did Audrey expect, going into a busy household with a toddler and dog?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Silly story line unless it's a plot device as ChiaGwen says. As with Lesley and Paul's flooded home, the insurers pay for you to live in temporary accommodation and I'm sure Audrey is savvy enough to make the insurers cough up.

Cobblestone said...

I agree with Kate - it was out of character for Marcus and Maria. What I found very curious weeks ago was that Audrey employed Owen in the first place rather than going to Jason, her grandson-in-law! Surely she would have wanted to support his business venture - plus he's cheaper than Owen.

Anonymous said...

I think Owen is pulling a fast one on Audrey - he keeps finding more things wrong and now the roof has to be re-done? A second opinion maybe? The dog in the bathtub thing-was that supposed to be funny? Epic fail IMO.

Anonymous said...

I for one really, really did not appreciate Roy's belittling of Emily's faith when she found comfort in it after Ernest's death. There seems to be a nasty undercurrent of promotion of atheism on Corrie. The only time people are in a church is when there's a wedding or a funeral, and you get the impression that it's for show. Tina's openly mentioned not believing in God, Sophie's been belittled for her faith, and so on. It would be very sad if this represented British society at large.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 04.06 - Agree!

Funnily we had just this conversation in our house this morning on how Corrie is very poor in how it represents Christianity.

The vicar that was previously portrayed as Sian and Sophie's vicar was quite creepy and although young, very unapproachable.

Roy's rant at Emily was out of order, some might say he has a point, he said he'd cope his own way and not pray to a fake god in the clouds. But frankly, he's not coping at all, that's just it. There should be a come back on how exactly Emily did cope and how her faith DID help, what she did etc. It shouldn't have been left as it was. No other faith would be ranted or scorned or mocked openly so like this. It wouldn't happen. Christians sadly are easy pickings and this isn't the first time Corrie has chosen to do this.

Yet interestingly they won't discuss politics for fearing of offending anybody!


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