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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Simon Gregson: "I had a little moment when I saw Steve's name above Rovers door"

There's a good interview by David Brown (top man and Corrie fan) in the Radio Times with Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald. 

Simon talks about the return of his on-screen mum Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) and about Steve and Michelle taking over the Rovers Return.

Simon says this about Bev Callard's return to the show as Liz: “Bev is very funny, witty and bubbly, so she’s great to have around on set. When Liz comes back, she and Michelle immediately join forces against Steve, which is great fun. Steve’s not allowed to be a grown-up around his mum or any other woman – he’s still a kid in their eyes.”

In the coming weeks, we'll see Steve agree to buy the Rovers from St Ella in a move that brings about the return of Liz after an absence of more than two years. If you remember though, Steve has a criminal record - and  I wondered whether this would prevent him from becoming the licensee. 

But Simon says in the interview: “Owning the Rovers is quite cool and it’s the first time I’ve seen my name above the door, so I had a little moment there. Steve could never be the licensee before, he can now as any criminal record has lapsed.”

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Anonymous said...

I am not looking forward to the rolling eyes of Michelle nor her grand exits when Liz returns after they've had yet another row, leaving Steve gurning his face off. Surely there must be some new blood out there looking for work.

Tvor said...

Aww I'm glad Steve gets to be the licensee this time around!

Rosie L said...

Michelle and Steve behind the bar, not very exiting , Michelle is so miserable, Steve needs someone much livelier. I haven't taken to these two together. I'm glad Steve has got the Rovers back and I'm looking forward to Liz's return, lots of fun with her and Deirdre. I wonder if Kevin will return with baby Jack or will he leave him behind with aunty Pam.

Anonymous said...

Thus rendering all that big deal with Liz leaving the show (complete with a farewell Liz) and Steve selling the Rovers to Stella completely pointless.

But saying that, I did like Steve when he was landlord, its time we had a full time male landlord in the show. Just not...looking forward to Michelle and eye rolling. I didn't like her last time she was with Steve.

Anonymous said...

St Ella ??? glory be

Anonymous said...

Love Steve and Liz in charge of The Rovers. I don't mind Michelle too much as a character but she just isn't right for Steve. He needs someone a bit unpredictable with a fire in their belly, like Becky or Karen.

ChiaGwen said...

So happy the Beige one will no longer be in the Rovers and Steve and Liz will be behind the bar once again. Hopefully Michelle will soon follow Ryan out of Weatherfield!

Anonymous said...

If Steve can be the licensee by himself, why do we need Liz to return? In the past, the use of her name above the door was the excuse to have her around.

StuFew said...

I thought Steve couldn't be the licensee because of his criminal record. Thus why Liz had the license before. Is this being quietly forgotten?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will now be a bit more colour ( not beige), spark and humour behind the bar at The Rovers now.

70sStreetFan said...

Quite like the idea of Liz back at the Rovers,as long as there's no possibility of Jim getting out of jail anytime soon.
Presumably,Michelle's current issues at the factory will mean she'll also be back at the pub soon. Cue,more arm folding and eye rolling,although she'll have to ditch the clipboard.


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