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Monday 16 September 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 16 September 2013

Understandably Stella is clearing out everything that has any connection with Karl, even, to Gloria's  surprise, the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. But no, they're going and are stuffed into the black bin liner. (How did we ever manage without them?). Eva and Leanne are sympathetic and as Stella says, she should have listened to Leanne concerning her doubts about Karl's character.

Some moving scenes and great acting were predominant tonight. Dev's kindness to Stella was thoroughly well-acted and wholly believable. The powerlessness of a family who love someone was well presented tonight too, with neither Eva nor Gloria able to stop her drinking at such a destructive rate. It seems as if Dev might have succeeded. Gloria's apology to Dev over what she had said about Sunita, shows that at least she has some self-awareness and humility.

In the factory, Eva is very defensive towards any comments about her mum. Beth thinks that Stella must have known that Karl was in some way connected with the fire, but of course Beth is concerned about her son Craig, who Sinead is looking after today as he's not at school. Eva reacts viciously to any hint of an attack on her mother as she explains that, 'If I hear any of you badmouthing her, I'll have your heads on a stick.' Maybe it wasn't a good idea for Stella to visit Craig, but we can understand that she would have wanted to make amends, a worthy ambition, but at least she's trying, though as Craig runs off, it seems it was too early, but at  least she tried.

On a visit to see her friends in the factory, Hayley, showing her superior, altruistic character, even with terminal cancer, makes no judgement, simply asks Eva, 'How's your mum?'

So Sally is playing it cool. Will it pay off? They're just two single people enjoying each other's company, aren't they? Surely Sally shouldn't have desperate housewife stamped on her forehead  as Sophie suggests, should she? Well whatever Sally should or shouldn't have stamped on her forehead, this new cool Sally is someone Tim welcomes. He speaks to Jason of how he thinks age gives women confidence, so they don't want all that commitment stuff. Hmm - big talking point there.

As for Jason, just how much has he matured of late? Hardly recognisable now as the young man who was a bit, well, dim might best describe him and who certainly had more brawn than brain. As Stella said when Jason tried to comfort her, telling her that Karl had everyone fooled, Karl hadn't got Jason fooled. His well-publicised, about to happen, romance with Eva will be very interesting indeed. The mother and then the daughter - what will Eileen's take on this new relationship be?

A very welcome appearance from Mary this evening, at least for some of us. Dev's children are undeniably very fond of her and not just because her arrival gave them an excuse not to eat  their father's 'soggy pasta.' They ran to her and she was clearly thrilled. Did anyone see what was in her tin? Such wise and comforting words she gave to Dev. 'You believed in Sunita and your faith in her has been rewarded.'

And that's not all from Mary tonight. She assists with finding the owner of the pigeon, a pigeon called Beyonce, by telling Tyrone to look on the plume for identification, and talks of how pigeons saved lives and how one pigeon in particular, Gustav, brought news of the D Day landings. It's good to see Mary in this way and not just as some eccentric, worn down sidekick for Norris to insult.

How touching to see Roy and Hayley in their bed tonight - Hayley saying she'll teach Roy to drive and then testing him on his highway code. So poignant and all the more so as time is running out. In some ways Tyrone and Fiz are a younger version of Roy and Hayley. Neither Fiz nor Tyrone had easy upbringings after having been deserted by their mothers. In each other they have genuinely found their other half, as with Roy and Hayley. It may be a cliche but nothing is more true for all that. Tyrone tells us that we should make the most of the time we have left. Never a truer word.
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Peter @peterprandradio on Twitter said...

Got a bit bored by Stella drinking and people telling to stop, but I guess that was how it would happen. I bet Michelle Collins needed the loo after all that water... Imagine if it really HAD been vodka! The three guys who came in the pub struck lucky - free drinks?!

Roy and Hayley's bed. Reminded me of Morecambe and Wise when THEY used to be seen in the same bed.

Assumed the "noises" in the garage were Craig's lost rat. I wonder how they managed to work with the pigeon - flying away and that.

Sometimes, I see Tim and wonder if Sally would have been better off with Karl!

Wish Sophie would button it. Yes, she's looking out for her mum, but she does like to interfere...

Agree - good to Mary tonight. Not my favourite character, but a welcome calming influence.

Just back on Karl - good to see no-one's suing the hospital trust for allowing Karl access to the sick Sunita. That, to me, always has been the really chilling part of the fire story - that she might have recovered had Munro not disconnected her breathing tubes.

Beth said...

Very strange that although Stella threw out expensive sheets, photos and all things associated with Karl she kept his button hole from the wedding. I would have though that would have been the first thing to be shredded to pieces and stamped on, not placed in a vase on a side table - odd!

KT said...

Beth, I noticed that as well. The last in a string of pretty ludicrous events involving Stella. Drinking that much after no sleep, exhausted and traumatized? She'd be flat on her back. Speaking of flat, that's how she plays everything: sadness, happiness, annoyance, inebriation - there's something very dull about everything she does. Really happy she'll be going at some point.

But agreed with others that there were some great scenes in these episodes. Mary showing her warmth, friendliness and uncannily perfect touch to interactions with both Tommy/Tyrone and the Alahans. Hayley and Roy in bed, Roy obviously savoring the time with his wife as he gladly submits to something he fought tooth and nail just a few days ago. And, Tyrone and Fiz - this pairing is just perfect. Can't wait to see what happens for this young couple, who both deserve happiness.

Dilly Daydream said...

I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Tyrone's excellent impression of Jack Duckworth!

And I loved Mary as she was last night, it's good to see that the kids appreciate her. I would really like there to be a romance between her and Dev. Unlikely I know, but I think they'd make a great couple.

Dolly Tubb said...

Dilly D - yes, I thought Ty's impression of Jack was perfect! Some lovely scenes in these eps, and so glad that Mary wasn't just some random bunny boiler in the 'Corrie Lite' scenes.

And Gloria's apology - heartfelt and humbled - it just shows what a class actress Sue Johnston is.

And whilst I agree 100% with sacking Chris Fountain, I couldn't help feeling a little nostalgic last night with the scenes between Tommy and Ty - there were some wonderful 'Lads about town' scenes with these two in the past and Tommy could have been a great character without the baggage that Tina dumps onto every scene she's in.

John McE said...

Groan! Why does virtually every character in the show have to resort to alcohol? I know some people do take to the bottle in times of stress, but plenty don't. But what's worst of all is the sheer amount they are shown to consume these days, which could easily kill the average person. It seems a very dangerous message they are sending.

I can't help thinking this is simply backhand advertising for the breweries.

Anonymous said...

Those skinny Corrie broads sure can hold their liquor. Tina did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Got upset, took off with a bottle - swilled half of it - shouted the odds to a couple of half baked teenagers and then went home - none the worse for wear - not even a stagger. Stella swilled glass after glass of vodka and was just fine talking to Dev - not slurring her words or staggering around. I guess the booze in England is pretty tame or Stella waters down the booze

Anonymous said...

I also found Mary to be taking on Haley's persona bit by bit.

Peter Parps said...

Stella obviously wasnt too upset over Karl to get a spray tan. She was as white as a sheet earlier yet when she was supposedly swigging vodka and acting like a fool in front of the rugby team customers, she and Jason looked like they had just come back from Barbados!

Rosie L said...

I'm glad Fiz has decided to move in with Tyrone, I've waited years for these two to get back together, perfect match, now PLEASE let's have a happy couple for a change, it does happen. Not surprised Michelle is leaving the factory, that was becoming obvious. And have you noticed the 'softening' of Carla? Lighter hair, lighter clothes, I think we're in for a character change, but only slightly I hope. I do like her and Peter together.

ChiaGwen said...

I was waiting for Stella to fall flat on her face behind the bar after all the liquor she was consuming at a pretty fast pace...not even a stagger. That dried up mop of hair must have soaked it all up. Pretty unconvincing acting, dry eyed sobbing and wailing....could have done without those scenes and had more of Hayley and Roy. Shame that Chris Fountain was so stupid and got himself fired...he and Tyrone work well together. Loving the Devster at the moment....good understated acting.

Newfy Pearl said...

Dilly I agree with your post, Ty's impersonation of Jack was splendid.
I saw him live this past year and he is a wonderful mimic. He does a mean Dev and Steve. :-)
As for Dev and Mary. He is a romantic....and the grand gestures he makes would be lapped by an appreciative Mary. Also she would be wonderful in the shop...not to mention a great step mom for Aya and Asha.
If only the writers would let us have a few happy couples and let the likes of Carla and Peter, Leanne and Nick, etc live in misery. LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done review, Ruth!

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Anonymous.


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