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Saturday 14 September 2013

Autumnal changes in the Street?

It feels like it has been a good week for us, the viewer, as far as Corrie is concerned. Emotions have been all over the place as, to begin with, we got used to the ill but determined Hayley. The reactions to her news rang true. People either didn't know what to say or engulfed the poor woman in a fog of irrelevant waffle. Human nature to the fore! The edgy discomfort surrounding these scenes was spot on.

The grand finale of the Karl storyline opens up new possibilities for the rest of the year. We know that ultimately, St Ella will turn her back on the back room. How soon she goes and where she ends up is another matter. The character will be with us for the best part of a year so she and the ever-awful Gloria will need to live somewhere. I've heard Belgium's nice . . . No, seriously, are they going to pitch up in Kevin's house again? Will Stella end up working as a barmaid for Liz (counting down the minutes until she returns . . . he lied)? Ultimately only Eva will still be around by this time next year so teaming her up with Jason seems a good idea. Jason needs to settle down. Like many of the other Corrie blokes of his age, he has the vitality and spark of someone older than Rita. Where's the fun? Lighten up and let's see him and Eva have a few laughs!

How do you solve a problem like Dev? You don't. Dev is Dev is Dev. Nothing is ever going to change that. While ever he is on the Street he is also the face of the Corner Shop, a venue which is now only used for set pieces and showdowns. There is always that nagging feeling that the shop should be run by a middle-aged woman with a penchant for gossip and good service. People are not going to pop in and have a bitching session with a wild-eyed booming fog-horn.

One of the real joys of the week has been the blossoming of Beth Tinker. As I've probably droned on before, there was always the worry that Beth would be a 'Cilla-lite', a one-dimensional gob-on-a-stick character. The last few episodes have shown us the turmoil she faced as Craig's slough of despond deepened. Lisa George and Colson Smith are a convincing mother and son act.

Will Sally rid herself of the feckless Tim? The woman's radar for unsuitable men is quite incredible. Murderous Frank, fey Greg, creepy Ian and even back in the mists of time, the horribly serious Joe (remember that grim holiday in the Lake District?) Even more creepy though is Jenna's sudden interest in Sally. A bottle of wine, a DVD, an afternoon on the sofa. I really hope this isn't going in a certain direction. Brookside did this years ago and it wasn't a popular departure for two leading characters. Don't go there Mr Blackburn.

Maybe Kevin will be back before Christmas. Comments posted during the week would suggest that if he does, he needs to return revitalised and not the same angry, downbeat character who left in the Spring. Here's a great opportunity to hit the re-set button and push Kevin in a new direction. He needs a new woman and preferably not another return to Sally. She will probably have moved on to Chesney or Marcus by then anyway.

Do we feel that the future is looking bright (or orange in the case of Tina)? I feel that it is. With Deirdre in the ascendant and Hayley's bucket list to be ticked off, there's plenty to keep us watching as the winter nights approach.

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Stephen said...

What I like is watching Jason following his line of inquiry, this last couple of weeks, putting two and two together and constantly coming up with four with no outlandish conjecturing. He's been regarded as a vacuous hunk, which he is clearly not.

If the writers are developing this character in the same way as they've been developing the great Deirdre, that'll be fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Michael Le V is reportedly postponing his return - going on a month's long sojourn to 'recover'. When Kevin will be back - who knows. Didn't miss the guy at all - or Ken for that matter.
The cops portrayed in this program are the stupidest on the planet. The fact that the officer on duty made 4 people wait while they tried to find the officer who was on the case at the time is just plain not on. Suppose he had gone on vacation? What..they would have had to wait for his return. Preposterous nonsense IMO..time waster and so was Dev lying on the floor. He's twice the size of Karl and couldn't take him out? Thank the gods this story has come to its long drrawwwnnn out conclusion.

Morticia said...

But, hark, those autumnal winds do bespoke ill winds also. I fear that Dev and Stella will be getting it on. The seeds have been planted by the scriptwriter gods in Friday's episode. Ham and Cheese, anyone? Gloria and Stella might end up living at Dev's and Eva and her twins might squeeze into Eileen's two-up-two-down, spilling over like a tart's cleavage.

Anonymous said...

It was great when Beth said Kirk was auditioning for the part of Craig's dad. I hope he gets it.

I like the way Beth's character is developing. Both she and Craig are keepers.

Unknown said...

Hahaha Morticia, ill winds indeed. My money and fear, is also on Dev and Stella 'getting it on'. They've been sizzling up beside each other for quite a while now, so why not. It makes as much sense as a soap should make. Let's not forget, Gloria is leaving sooner than Stella. So, that leaves Stella with Dev and Eva and her twins with Jason's smile.
Maybe, after Liz returns (can't wait) Stella will work in Dev's shop to complete the happy lil'luv picture and keep her 2 cents flowing among the people.
It's good to see characters improve and like real life, we like to think we get smarter and not dumber as time comes and goes. Deidre, Jason, Beth, Chesney, all seem to be shining brighter. I'll omit my opinion on the not so bright characters currently in rotation on our beloved street.

Anonymous said...

This is one situation where I hope we can all gleefully forget the accident that was Stella and Jason. He has turned into quite a lovely, mature man and Even would benefit from his surprisingly rational mind and genuine decency. Eva will bring a good heart and sharp tongue to keep things interesting.

I'd like to see Sally hook up with Dev. She needs a project; he's a complex project. They can share their love of hysterical emotions, children/family, ambition, fine things and putting on airs.

Gracie the Kiwi said...

Oh God Stella and Dev better not get together. Though loving Kirk, Beth, Craig and Deirdre at the moment.

Don't want Kevin to return, i don't think he will add much value to the Street. And Sally needs to find something else to do in her life other than go out with hopeless men

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Beth take over the corner shop. She'd be great at sharing gossip, giving people the what for and Kirky/Craig could help her out.

Rosie L said...

Loving Beth, Kirk and Craig.' Auditioning for fatherhood ' brilliant! Hope they keep this family together. Kirk needs to have more to do. I like how Beth is turning out and her closeness with Craig. I'm also looking forward to the pairing of Sinaid and Ches.


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