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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Michael Le Vell won't return to Coronation Street for Christmas

A Coronation Street spokesperson has confirmed that Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster, won’t be appearing in the soap before Christmas this year.

Kevin Webster is expected to return to Corrie after actor Michael Le Vell was cleared of 12 child sex charges earlier this month

The Mirror previously reported that he would play a major role in one of this year’s Christmas storylines. However, a Coronation Street spokesperson has told PA news that the Christmas episodes are already planned so the car mechanic won’t reappear until next year.

Kevin was last seen on screen in February when legal proceedings against Le Vell began. Le Vell has played the role since 1983.

Reports this week have suggested that ITV want to secure Michael Le Vell for an interview with Piers Morgan and that reality TV execs have offered him a place on this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! to help pay off his legal costs.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I couldnt care less if this character never comes back.

Helen said...

For me, this is one character who could disappear for good,and not leave a hole.
When he comes back, I hope the writers and the actor will make every effort to make Kevin interesting, if possible.

Humpty Dumpty said...

One possibility is for the actor to come back for a short while till people forget about the trial. Sally D said she thought he could have a career in theatre so maybe that's the way it will go. If he stays, he needs a brand new story away from Sally W.

Anonymous said...

He's been gone how long? Before that he was relegated to pushing baby Jack around and shouting the odds - trying it on with Jenna - what nonsense. I can't see him back on the cobbles. Kill him off - plane crash or summat - PLEASE???

Dubcek said...

I tend to agree that Kevin is no longer relevant and hasn't been for some time.
He was turned into a minor bully (not in Owen's league but a bully never the less) with no redeeming features.
If he wasn't threatening or actually beating some one (as he did when he barged into Michelle's flat and started beating on Ryan with impunity) he was following Sally around with his tongue hanging out unable to face the reality that their relationship is over.
Now he will come back and turn the violence on Tim for having an affair with his wife.
If they do bring him back I hope it's only to tie up loose ends and ship him off back to Germany where someone else suggested he could have entered a relationship with baby Jack's baby sitter and they could all live happily ever after as we could after he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gees, not on Piers Morgan, please!

Anonymous Individual said...

In case you don't know, its down to the writers making Kevin like that, Michael Le Vell just acts it out and does what he is given. Why should he lose his job over the allegations?

Anyway I hope they just return him, don't make a massive dramatic reintroduction. In terms of story telling, he only left to look after his dad, he isn't meant to be aware he is in a soap opera.

Janice said...

Some time back there were issues with alcohol/drugs with other actors. Dev and Curly I believe. Both of them were given a cooling off period to sort themselves out. While Michael Le Vell was acquitted of the charges, his own lawyer admitted the actor was guilty of poor judgement and alcohol abuse. Send him to rehab till he is capable of remembering lines and carrying a demanding storyline.


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