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Monday 9 September 2013

Coronation Street Double Episode Review Monday 9 September 2013

Eva and Gloria, the wedding planners, are doing a good job of calming Stella down and Gloria tells her panicking daughter that she should just concentrate on looking gorgeous. There's a brief discussion about Craig and Beth, and Eva, who will never rival Mother Teresa for compassion, makes a comment about Craig, 'He's not right 'im - look at his mother.' Well for your information Eva, the nation took Beth to its communal heart as she suffered the agony of not knowing where her son was. Beth is becoming quite a significant character and rightly so. She was initially a mix of Janice and Cilla, but is now growing into her own flawed but likeable character.

In order to get his mother off his back, Craig tells her that he stole chocolate from Dev's shop which explains why he left a note for Dev, before he ran away, saying sorry. We all know he didn't steal chocolate but it could explain his behaviour as a bad conscience is a terrible thing, as is murder, which Craig believes he's guilty of. In Dev's shop Beth gives Dev a tenner to cover the cost of the stolen chocolate. Dev tells Beth that it isn't about the money but it looked like that tenner remained in the shop. Maybe Dev was too distracted and gave Beth her money back off-screen.

In the pub there's a few of the stags and the words Tyrone uses are full of foreboding. He is speaking, of course, about the impending wedding but the words are ominous and could be related to time in prison. Karl is referred to as a condemned man and when he's asked if he wants another drink, Tyrone says he should do while he's still a free man. The big money is on an interrupted wedding!  

Beth isn't shirking  the sorting out of the bullies. It seems they were suspended from school and they come looking for their victim. Except Craig isn't a victim and they aren't bullies, except when they come looking for him to tell him about their suspension, particularly galling when they haven't done anything - until now. However, Craig is soon defended by a wild dog, aka Karl. He acts as a man possessed, a man who might just have a very heavy conscience. It may look like Karl is protecting Craig, but Karl is protecting Karl. Stella is obviously alarmed to see Karl behaving so ferociously. 'You're a grown man, they were kids!' she tells him. Gloria's take on this is that at least he's passionate. She is though amusing when she asks, 'How's Henry Cooper?' After the incident, Dev tries to talk to Craig, but as any mother would, she tells him not now.

Jason has the bit between his teeth and is proving himself to be a bit of a sleuth. He does have a strong motive to nail Karl though as Karl took Stella from Jason. Dev operates almost as his sidekick, Dev's Watson to Jason's Sherlock Holmes. Seeing the photographs on Tommy's phone supports Detective Inspector Jason Grimshaw in his theory that Karl left the bistro and set fire to The Rovers.

Well that was a revelation - Tim tells the boys that he's not even going out, technically with Sally. What exactly is this technically business? Karl, enveloped in his dark mood, explains what Sally and all women do. 'She's suffocating you.' OK Karl, carry on. 'It'll be fix that, do this, what time do you call this, stop looking at her.' Hmmm. But what exactly is Tim up to? He keeps Sally from the dentist, telling her to call in sick then he goes a bit cool. Sally had to take the jibes in the factory, which were amusing. Sean had worked out that if Jason wasn't working then neither was Tim. 'She'll be bunking off work to spend time with him next,' says Fiz. 'As if?' counters Sean.

She didn't really have a choice - Maria had to offer Audrey a place to stay. It's not going well though at this early stage. Liam is calling her when she's having her tea and Ozzy is mistaken for a big rat. Will Audrey notice the defects of the flat and put some money into it? Doubtful given her dry-rot problems and the need for a new roof. Employer, landlady - very difficult for Maria.

And so to Hayley and Roy. She's leaving hospital today and when asked by the nurse where Roy is, Hayley says, 'My Roy is more reliable than a Swiss watch.' As he pushed Hayley out of the hospital, almost to himself, he softly said, 'Here we go.'

The scenes in the cafe with Hayley were a little awkward at the beginning, but then things improved. It was nice that Roy cleaned the flat but Hayley wouldn't have given a damn about Sylvia's biscuit crumbs.    
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Peter @peterprandradio said...

From the Sky Digital electronic programme guide, it looks like it all blows up Friday into Monday! Yer going down, pal.

Beth said...

Whilst I like Roy and Hayley and the acting between , Roy, Hayley and Sylvia in recent months has been exceptional. Indeed the script and acting in the past couple of weeks has been wonderful between Roy and Hayley - I'm going to be really unpopular in saying the following.... Yes, the story is sad. I shed a tear. I really did which is unlike me when I watch anything on the telly.

Buuuut, the dithering of Roy and the upbeat jollity of Hayley is already beginning to grate. Yes..... I know, it's their personalities and they are playing their part to the max and all due credit. BUT, this will go on for months and to see Roy being so mournful and clueless and pitiful is too much already.

His world has indeed fallen apart, of course I get that, I have a heart. And Roy is a little different to the rest of us. However, I can't help but feel that Sylvia is hugely missing from the scenes. It's such a shame that the actress had to leave when she did. It's one big pity party as far as Roy is concerned and Sylvia wouldn't have allowed that. Fiz has been great with the support, but she's no Sylvia. She'd have pulled him up by his boot straps for sure and had a few keen and choice words for her son. They had developed a good relationship by the end.

Does anyone know if Stephanie Cole is coming back to the Street?

Ruth owen said...

Beth, I take your point. We have hearts but can still be irritated. As you say, if Sylvia had been around it would have been different. Sorry, no idea if/ when she's due to return.

ChiaGwen said...

What a lame hen party at Leanne's,the acting was excruciatingly embarrassing from all, forced laughter and hilarity. Drunk as skunks yet the wedding is the next day. Oh well, at least the beige one had on a dress with color in it

Humpty Dumpty said...

The hen party said it all. The Rovers landlady gets married and only her family are there. Even keeping it low key under the circumstances, where was Stella's best mate on the Street? Oh, that's right, she's got no friends even after two years.

Anonymous said...

Chia and Humpty, I fast-forwarded those scenes. Won't watch next week when they are front and centre again. Not that I hate them, but they are not worthy of my time and attention.


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