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Friday 27 September 2013

Corrie A-Z: U is for Unseen characters

Be it ‘Her Indoors’ in ‘Minder’ or Mrs Columbo, unseen characters are often featured (although we never see them!) in TV shows. And Corrie is no exception. Here’s a list of the some that have come to my mind:
Nellie Fairclough/Bailey – Len Fairclough’s first wife. Len had appeared since 1961 but Nellie was never seen. They divorced in 1963 so she could marry Harry Bailey but she died in 1964 of lung cancer.
Fat Brenda – works the switch at Streetcars and is also a cabby and is frequently mentioned by Steve, Lloyd and Eileen. She also contributes to this blog and her posts are very popular and much appreciated!
The woman from 19 Inkerman Street – Stan Ogden’s lady friend, who infuriated Hilda. When Stan didn’t come home one night in 1976, Hilda suspected he was round at Inkerman Street. Bet Lynch and Elsie Tanner enjoyed winding Hilda up with this.
Tony and Sylvia Ogden – The Ogdens children who didn’t come to live in Coronation Street and never visited.
Phyllis Roberts – Alf Roberts’ first wife who died in 1972.
Mr Papagopolous – Swindley and Miss Nugent’s boss at Gamma Garments during the 60s and possibly the husband or father in law of Wendy Crozier. A precursor to EastEnders’ Mr Papadopolous, who runs the launderette.
Can you think of any others?

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Peter @peterprandradio said...

There was the recent paperboy who Norris sacked. Can't remember his name, though!

Rita was on a phone to a friend when she was recovering from the confrontation on the Red Rec. Again, can't remember her name, but silly to have Rita refer to someone we never see - especially as she's been in Corrie so long.

When Tracy and Steve were about to get married last year, didn't she move to London, or threaten to, and stay with a friend?

Rosepatch said...

There is also Sinead's parents, and especially her grandma who has a tag!issigc

Rosepatch said...

Actually, just a tag!

Tvor said...

I think the idea is long term mentions of characters that were never cast like Mr. Papagopolous or Len's wife or the fabulous Fat Brenda. There are mentions of lots of people that are not in the same category, relatives etc. Hayley's Auntie Monica and Uncle Bert are often mentioned though we have met them once or twice early on.

Llifon said...

Hi Peter. Rita's been seen talking to Doreen Fenwick, who actually appeared on the show in 2007, played by Barbara Young.

Nathan Johnson said...

Kevin Webster's younger brother Carl is one who springs to mind for me. He was born to Bill's wife Elaine after they left Weatherfield for Germany. He would be around 27 now, however is never mentioned or seen. Would be interesting to seeing what he is like.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting the forever mentioned but never seen Willy Heckerslike and Flamin Nora :-)

njblas said...

Yes, the one that bugs me is the never mentioned Carl Webster. An early off-screen character was Minnie Caldwell's mother Amy Carlton. And I'm sure Mavis Riley had parents and/or an aunt who she lived with in the early days but they were never seen. By the way, Wendy Crozier married a Christos Papadopoulos - so there's no connection to Gamma Garments' Mr Papagopoulos.

Corriepedia said...

Emily Nugent's Aunty May who she shared the camera shop flat - Ena's old home - with for two months in January/February 1972 but was never seen.

Barrie.T said...

Angela, noris coles ex was often mentioned when she was still alive, and Mary's Mum was mentioned more than she was seen. Hilda cleaned for Dr and Mrs Lowther for 5 years, who were seen once when she was interviewed for the job and when Dr Lowther asked her to move away with him. Betty's "my Cyril" was often mentioned too before he died. Annie And Jack had a daughter Joan who was in 11 episodes. Jack died whilst visiting her off screen and Annie would later retire to derby so she could be closer to Joan.

Tvor said...

Mary's mother is another good example, yes! She's an ongoing "mention". Wasn't Cyril a semi-regular character? that was before my time.

Barrie.T said...

Cyril was a semi regular in 1969 when betty moved into the flat above the corner shop, but by 1970 they had moved to hillside crescent and "my cyril" was just mentioned but not seen until he died of a heart attack in 1974

Corriepedia said...

Cyril appeared in 8 episodes in 1972.


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