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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 11 September


DEV FINALLY KNOWS WHO STARTED THE ROVERS FIRE. As a nervous Karl prepares for his big day, Jason wants to go to Stella with his accusations but Dev urges him to sit tight until he’s spoken to Craig, they need proof. Craig’s finally ready to talk, but Dev’s shocked when with Beth and Kirk by his side Craig reveals his belief that he started the fire and Karl has been forcing him to keep it secret. But when Craig explains he dropped a cigarette when he saw Karl coming out of the pub that night the penny drops for Dev. Will he be able to get to the register office in time to stop Stella from marrying Karl?
SALLY’S LET DOWN BY TIM. Sally’s dolled up to the nines as she waits for Tim to escort her to to Stella’s wedding reception but as time ticks away it looks like Tim has stood her up.
MARIA BEGS MARCUS TO KEEP THE PEACE. Marcus isn’t happy when he overhears Audrey painting a bleak picture of life at the flat but Maria is more worried about Audrey’s unusually uptight behaviour. Is there something else on her mind?
ELSEWHERE Anna frets about making a good impression on Faye’s new best friend Grace.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Sal throws the bum to the curb. Why is she crawling and mewling all over him when he shows up? He must be hung like a mule.

Anonymous said...

Kevin will soon sort him out :-)

Unknown said...

Oh No! Not another unhappy coronation street wedding gone bad story.
Let's see, Tina sleeps with Peter, Jason sleeps with Eva, Tracy sleeps with Roy, oh wait!, that already happened, and Stella sleeps with Kevin, Dev, Loyd, Norris and Tim.

Billy Niblick said...

The way that Karl's final come-uppance is tied in with his wedding day might be very dramatic, but I find it at best a tadge improbable. To say nothing of yes, yet another Corrie wedding day going disastrously awry. Seems no-one in this drama can ever just get married without any problems.

He should have been rumbled the minute he started to make veiled threats against poor dopey Craig.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, if I were hosting my boss and landlord in my flat, I'd give her my bedroom and sleep with the finicky dog as she doesn't like the dog. It's just a way to show hospitality and some thoughtfulness on the part of a grateful employee who's been treated quite well over the years by her boss -- how many times has Maria come back and forth from working in the salon, lodged at Audrey's house after losing Liam's baby.... for all of Audrey's faults and her slightly high flutin' ways, she has been quite generous to those around her. Also, it leaves room open for discussions on much needed repairs and upgrades on the flat.

ChiaGwen said...

Oh sounds as if that Grace is going to be trouble....already boldly asking to sleep over at Faye's...on a school night no less. Anna really is wishy-washy and only asks if it is ok with the Mom instead of saying she will call her.

Newfy Pearl said...

I have a question....Audrey is always there to help others...why did noone step up and offer the woman a place to perch? The most sensible pick might have been Leanne's - remember they had room for Gloria!
With that said...Audrey is turning out to be a miserable house guest. Poor Maria...


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