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Sunday 15 September 2013

Vicky Entwistle rules out Coronation Street return

Vicky Entwistle, who played Janice Battersby on Coronation Street, has ruled out a return to Corrie.

In her first newspaper interview after being evicted from the Celebrity Big Borther house, she said: “I would not be interested in going back to Coronation Street because I don’t go backwards.

"It was brilliant while it lasted but it is like anything, if you go to a great nightclub and you have a good dance on the dancefloor, you don’t take your handbag back the next week when it is closed, do you?”

Vicky is set to play the wicked queen in Snow White in Llandudno, Wales this Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Billy Niblick said...

I rather suspect the deployment of metaphor is not one of Vicky's natural talents.

For one thing, the Corrie night club is still open.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone approached her about coming back - there was no offer - she gave an interview and the questions was asked if she'd ever consider coming back. Seeing how she was dumped from the show I don't blame her if she's a tad bitter. Good luck to Vicky I say. At least she had some chops compared to what we're putting up with now.

Newfy Pearl said...

That is the most stupid analogy I have ever read! I take it Corrie is the bar....hello! It is still open. lol

Helen said...

I must be understanding things differently, the actor "doesn't do backwards".
She had a 'brilliant' time on Corrie,but once the door closed on that,she doesn't want, or expect, to go back for more..I get it, and although she's only the second actor I've read say they wouldn't go back, I wish her well.

Shan said...

I hope if she does return one day, someone pulls out this interview. Considering she's just done a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, I would imagine acting roles aren't exactly knocking down her door. So many actors say the same thing she has said and then end up doing the opposite when they realize there isn't much out there for them.

Anonymous said...

Corrie is really the kiss of death for actors. It makes them famous and so they leave thinking they will be in demand for other roles. But their Corrie character is so intertwined that no one wants them as anything else. I can see how an actor might get bored of the routine. Many of them say and do the same things year after year. They may as well have found themselves a job on a production line.

Barrie.T said...

I recently watched her on celebrity big brother and she is one of the most ungrateful actors I have ever known. She said in Big Brother that corrie fans was really thick and they have absolutely no idea how good an actress she is. All they want to talk about is Janice Battersby. She said she gets so angry when fans stop her and want to talk about Janice. She said that in 13 years not one person ever gave her feedback on her acting. All she wanted was a "critique" on her acting skills not how janice battersby was going. She said she goes for jobs but people think she can only do janice battersby. So she doesn't want to ever come back to corrie but realises she'll probably be typecast forever. She also appeared in big brother with Bruce Jones and even though described him as a friend actually hadn't been in contact for 4 years. She mentioned that she always used to have to help Bruce with his lines as he always struggled. She is a chain smoker and gets really nasty when she has a drink. She was nicknamed chucky for her resemblance to the evil chucky character in the movie. She appeared to be quite snobbish regarding her celebrity status and thinks that actors are proper celebrities whereas as reality stars are not. She said she only appeared in big brother as it would pay her mortgage for 5 years. So good luck with the acting jobs and see you back on't street in 5 years.


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