Sunday, 8 September 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for Sept. 2 - 6

A face only a mother could love award: Audrey pointed out that Gail as a baby was nothing to write home about!

Best Man award: Lloyd! He really is the best one! Tez certainly isn't.

Retro fit award: Fiz said she didn't spend a lot of time in school. I recall Fiz saying she got quite a few GCSEs.

The Truth is Out there award: Dev thinks the truth about the fire will come out some day. Make it so, Devster.

Green eyed monster: Clearly Max isn't happy with all the attention to Lily

Doting Daddy award: David really is over the moon for that baby.

Broken Hearts, Broken Crockery: Symbolism, anyone?

Lines of the Week:
Leanne "God knows someone in this family could do with a happy ending." (it's not going to be Stella. Sorry)
Karl to Jason "Trust me, mate,  you have no idea what I'm capable of"
Carla "I always get a buzz off lifting the lid off a shoebox"
Fiz "You are family, Roy"
Karl to Jason "You cross me again and you're a dead man. I mean it. I will kill you" (and there was a witness!)
Roy "I'm sure Churchill slept less during the Battle of Britain"
Roy "Nothing will ever be the same" (gulp)

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Mrs Barton said...

A nation weeps award: Fantastic acting, brilliant scripts, so true to characterisation. Absolutely brilliant drama this week. Soap; when it works it bloody works, because we know the characters so, so well. Sigh... Roy and Hayley

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