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Sunday 11 August 2013

Corrie weekly update: Tracy wants to co-hab, Rob says 'no, no, no'

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Now that Nick knows that David knows he was in Kylie’s Christmas stocking, Nick takes David out in the Bistro van, for a little chat. Well, chat they do, then David grabs the wheel, the van spins into the wrong lane and it’s hit by a truck. Crash, smash, wallop. Nick’s in intensive care in an induced coma after brain surgery, Gail’s surprisingly calm, Leanne’s beside herself with worry and David’s apologising at Nick’s hospital bedside just as Tina walks in and catches his confession.  Will Tina tell? Will David admit?  Will Nick’s memory return or will he grow old never knowing that Kylie’s baby might be his, until one day when the kid spots it resembles more Nick than David, discovers a fondness for olives and realises who its daddy is?  That’s my guess and I’m sticking to it.

Over at Barlow’s Buys, there’s been a steady stream of a customer in Rob and Tracy’s new shop since it opened, keeping them both in a salary as well as overheads and tea. Peter winds Tracy up by telling her that if Rob really cared for her he’d have asked her to move in by now. This perturbs Tracy no end and she bangs on and on (literally and otherwise) to get Rob to agree to them living together.  Tracy wants to co-hab but Rob says no, no, no.  She thinks it’s because of little Amy so she palms her child off with Steve for four nights a week and with Deirdre for three nights a week leaving her free 24/7 to pander to Rob. But he’s still not interested and she still won’t got the message.  I’m loving Rob and Tracy together, they’re horrible and it’s no coincidence that the jukebox in the Rovers played “Run like the wind” as Rob listened to Tracy’s pleas to let her move in with him.  Run like the wind, Rob,  run.  And take the ornaments with you.

Meanwhile, at the Kabin, Norris sacks paperboy little Shane Dooley with a terse phone call and gets Craig in to deliver the papers instead. There’s no payment for Craig, he has to repay Norris for nicking the paperboy statue from outside of the shop.  Beth worries about Craig, it’s not like him to do such things, and she’s more worried when she finds out that Craig’s dumped his bag of papers in the ginnel and hasn’t delivered them.  Over a chat with Kirk in the Rovers, she admits she’s concerned about Craig’s behaviour.   Kirk blames himself for moving in with Beth and upsetting the apple cart that is the Tinker way but there are far, far worse things going on in Craig’s head.

And finally this week, Lloyd and Mandy split up.  They both know things aren’t working and part as pals, again as the Rovers jukebox works its magic by playing “We got a groovy kind of  love” as the two of them decide to separate and split.  Mandy packs up and leaves the Street in a cab. “She even took the tortoise” notes Lloyd, who’s happy daughter Jenna will be staying around.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't even read the post but had to let you know the title made me laugh out loud!

Rachel said...

Starting the campaign now Save The Weatherfield Paperboy - Bring Back Shane Dooney #saveshane on twitter. Wonder if he's the same Shane as in Shane 'n' Millie from t'Bistro?


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