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Friday 9 August 2013

Corrie A-Z: O is for the Odd side of the street (Part 4)

With thanks to Daran Little’s Coronation Street: Around the Houses for all the info on the history of the odd side of the street prior to 1960 and thanks to Corriepedia for the info after 1960.

Nº11’s occupants between 1902 and 1939 were the Makepieces (Alfred, Ivy, Vi, Frank, Ralph, Mary, Lil, Will, Susie and Iris), Hetty Harris, Jack Jinks and Henry Robottom. Newlyweds Arnold and Elsie Tanner moved in in 1939 and they were soon joined by children Linda (b. 1940) and Dennis (b. 1942). In 1946 left Elsie and they were estranged until their divorce in 1962. In 1956 was sent to Borstal because he took part in an office raid. In 1958 Linda married Ivan Cheveski and moved to Warrington. Alone, Elsie suffered depression and she took a long holiday and Nº11 was let to Ethel Myers for six months. Ethel left the area and both Elsie and Dennis returned in 1958. During the 1960s, they took in many lodgers that included Christine Appleby, Walter Potts and Sheila Birtles. In 1965, Florence Briggs, who’d owned Nº11 after the Hardcastles, died and she had the left to Elsie’s bitter enemy Ena Sharples. Ena gave Elsie notice to leave Nº11 so she could move in as the future of the Mission was in doubt. They sparred but Ena was informed that the Mission was to stay open. Ena sold Nº11 to Edward Wormold who owned the house until 1976. In 1967, Elsie married Steve Tanner and immigrated to the USA but returned in 1968, her marriage over. Dennis married Jenny Sutton in 1968 and they moved to Bristol. Elsie’s niece and nephew Sandra and Bernard Butler moved in in 1969 but left in 1970. Elsie married Alan Howard in 1970. Although they planned to move from the street, Alan’s bankruptcy led them to stay at Nº11 which they did until the left for Newcastle in 1973. Lucille Hewitt had been lodging with the Howards since 1973 and she stayed until 1974 before moving to Ireland.

Ken and Janet Barlow moved in but the marriage broke down and Janet left Ken. He stayed at Nº11 until 1976 when Elsie returned alone and she bought the house from Wormold. Elsie took on Gail Potter as a lodger and she stayed until she married Brian Tilsley in 1979. Suzie Birchall moved in in 1977 and she also stayed until 1979 when she moved to London. Elsie’s grandson Martin Cheveski lived with her in 1980 but returned home. Elsie took on Dan Johnson and Wally Randle as lodgers, in 1980 and 1981 respectively. Marion Willis became her lodger in 1982 and left for Bury when she married Eddie Yeats. In 1984, Elsie left the street with old flame Bill Gregory for Portugal and left the sale of the house to Linda. Linda sold it to the Websters (Bill, Kevin and Debbie). Bill and Debbie left in 1985 while Kevin stayed and lodged with Emily and Hilda. The Claytons (Harry, Connie, Andrea and Sue) moved in and left in 1985.
Newlyweds Alf and Audrey Roberts moved in in 1986 and stayed until 1989 when they sold it to the McDonalds (Jim, Liz, Steve and Andy). Steve married Vicky in 1995, Andy left in 1997, Liz left in 1998 while Jim was jailed for manslaughter in 2000. Jim and Liz remained as owners until 2002 when Steve took over ownership. Eileen Grimshaw had moved in in 2000 as a tenant with children Jason and Todd. Other residents have also come and go like Dennis Stringer, Violet and Lauren Wilson, Marcus Dent and Paul Kershaw. Sean Tully has been a lodger since 2004. Steve sold the house to Beaumont Estates in 2004 and Eileen was allowed to stay on. She bought Nº11 in 2010 with her late father’s inheritance. On a trivial note, Nº11 was the first house seen on the show, making its debut in the first episode.
Nº13’s occupants between 1902 and 1955 were the Harrisons (Lizzie and Enid), the Piggotts (Fred, Emma, Victor and Robert), the Lingards (Tom, Nellie, Ada and Mary), the Hardmans (George, May and Christine), Madge Mason and Kezia North. May and Christine Hardman returned after George’s death in 1955 after they’d been living in Oakhill for two years. May died in 1960 and Christine stayed until 1962 when she married Colin Appleby. She returned to the street later in the year widowed but she lodged at Nº11. Edward Wormold sold Nº13 to newlyweds Jerry and Myra Booth but Jerry sold it back in 1964 when the Booths moved away. Wormold then sold it to Stan and Hilda Ogden in 1964. Hilda always boasted that they owned their home to those who were only tenants like Annie Walker and Elsie Tanner. Stan sold to Dave Smith as a repayment for paying for daughter Irma’s flight from Australia after her husband David and Darren had died. Stan bought the house back in 1971 and remained the owner until his death in 1984. Eddie Yeats lodged with the Ogdens between 1980 and 1983. They installed the famous mural in 1976 which you can read about here. When Stan died, Hilda inherited Nº13 and she took on Terry Duckworth, Henry Wakefield, Kevin Webster and Sally Seddon as lodgers. Hilda left the street in 1987 and sold the house to Kevin and Sally, who were now married.

Kevin and Sally were later joined by daughters Rosie (b. 1990) and Sophie (b. 1994). The Webster marriage broke down in 1999 and Kevin moved out with Sally and the girls staying on. Kevin returned in 2002 when he remarried Sally and they stayed until 2008 when they had a house swap with the Peacocks (Ashley, Claire, Joshua and Freddy) and moved to Nº4. The Peacocks remained at Nº13 until Ashley’s death in 2010 and then Claire and the boys moved to France. Lloyd Mullaney then bought the house and moved in with girlfriend Cheryl Gray and her son Russ. Russ’ dad Chris moved in as well when he suffered a brain tumour and rekindled his relationship with Cheryl and they all moved away and Lloyd sold up and left the area. He would return to the cab office flat six months later. Steve McDonald bought the house for third wife Tracy but when he learnt of his lies he wanted to kick her out. When she refused, he moved in his irritating ex-girlfriend Beth Tinker and her son Craig as lodgers. He then sold the house to Kevin Webster and gave Tracy, Beth and Craig a week’s notice to leave. Kevin moved back in Jack, his son with Molly Dobbs. While the Rovers was being refurbished, the Price family moved into No. 13 while Kevin moved in with Sally. Currently, Kevin is in Germany nursing his dad Bill so No. 13 is empty.

So there you go, a potted history of the house of the odd side of the street!
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