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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Katherine Kelly elopes to Las Vegas

News in today that former Coronation Street actor, Katherine Kelly has eloped with her boyfriend of two years, boxer Ryan Clark. The wedding was kept secret, with none of their family present and took place last Tuesday at the Little Chapel of the West.

She then sold the photos to Hello Magazine and you can see them in this week's issue.

The interview in Hello, reported in the Mirror says Katherine, who we knew as Becky McDonald, says that the wedding was exactly what they wanted:

“The day was everything we hoped it would be - no fuss, low-key, sunshine and just us. We wanted to enjoy the day without all the usual planning and pressure. We just wanted to let it roll, so it had an on-the-run feel to it. We’d been laughing and joking all day and then suddenly everything seemed to stop and we tried to get the words ‘I do’ out without becoming emotional wrecks. It was awesome. I’ll never forget that moment for the rest of my life.”


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Anonymous said...

Bit confused by Katherine Kelly "just the two of us" and "we did this for us". Not you didn't. You did it for a huge payoff from Hello magazine who were all with you at your wedding.

Be honest! Don't even try to take your fans for fools.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Chill already. None of your business anyway. I think they look smashing!

Peter @peterprandradio said...

What a couple of chavs?! Money and no class. Apart from not inviting their families, they prostitute themselves in a magazine for desperate fame-hungry people.

Wonder if she's angling for a return to Corrie like lot of ex-actors do.

Common as muck. Mutton dressed as lamb.

Anonymous Individual said...

At least Ms Kelly is doing something, unlike you coming on causing trouble and calling people names. You don't sound like a classy individual yourself Peter.

And she even said recently she will not be returning, so I hope that solves your problem. No doubt you will then cry that she is looking down on the show now, as people like you are never satisfied.

Janice said...

Ha, that sounds so much like something Becky might have done. But I wonder what Lady Hoxley might think of that.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is he wearing on his feet?

Shan said...

My husband and I eloped to Cuba and we have absolutely no regrets about it. And all those people who didn't get invites, including family, didn't see it as selfish. It's nice to see she got the day she wanted.

However, I didn't get to sell my photos to a magazine. Must be nice ;)

Anonymous said...

A lot of grumpy people on here today.

Dilly Daydream said...

For all we know, they might be donating the money to charity. Good luck to both of them.

ChiaGwen said...

Could never understand not having your family involved in such a special moment - unless they were the family from Hell?

Peter @peterprandradio said...

I'm not "causing trouble, Anonymous Individual," I'm just giving my opinion. Haha. All the celebrity stuff makes me ill... It's the sort of Keegan will do. Like I say, money and no class. Kelly was good in Corrie and was sorry she left - and also sorry she won't be coming back, if that's right.

Dilly Daydream - people like that usually SAY they are giving money to charity. It's people like Andy Murray who give £80,000 to charity, as he did in June, without saying so. It only came out when a friend blabbed during an interview.

Anonymous said...

Katherine Kelly is mutton dressed as lamb?? But she's only 33! Oh dear, makes me wonder what I should be wearing at my advanced age.. wooly cardigans with sensible shoes, perhaps ;)

Anonymous said...

Selling your wedding photos to me smacks of either greed or insecurity. If Katherine Kelly believes she is a talented actress who's going to be in work for a long time then why sell pictures of one of the most important days of your life? To me, it's no coincidence that so many of the celebrities featured in these magazines are in the divorce courts a couple of year later.

Anonymous said...

So, a couple has married and appear to be happy together. Isn't it just customary to wish them well? I certainly do.


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