Monday, 19 August 2013

Corrie A-Z: P is for Pets

There have been many pets on Coronation Street. Here are some of the pets that have appeared over the years. Some are included in the collage above.

Barney – David Platt’s rabbit
Beauty – Mavis Wilton’s budgie
Bella – Maxine Peacock’s cat
Betty’s Hotshot – racing horse owned by the menfolk of the street in the late 1990s
Bobby – Minnie Caldwell’s cat
Boomer – The Duckworths’ dog in the early 1990s
Cleo – Baldwin’s Casuals’ cat
Dolores – Tommy Deakin’s donkey
Dougal – Sam Tindall’s dog
Dolly, Dulcie, Fergie, Molly, Scarlett – Jack Duckworth’s pigeons
Eccles – The Barlows’ dog
Fury – Eddie Yeats’ dog
Gilbert – Albert Tatlock’s pigeon
Harry/Harriett – Mavis Riley’s budgie
John – Jesse Chadwick’s parrot
Leanne – Simon Barlow’s rabbit
Little Hilda – Eddie Yeats’ chicken
Lucky Lolita – Harry Hewitt’s greyhound
Marmaduke – Betty Williams’ cat
Monica – Tyrone Dobbs’ greyhound
Mr Woo – Rita Sullivan’s dog
Ozzy – Maria’s dog
Randy – Percy Sugden’s budgie
Rat Features – Sophie Webster’s hamster
Rommel – Hilda Ogden’s cat
Rover – The Gilroys’ dog
Saracen – Vicky Arden’s horse
Scamper – Joyce Smedley and the Malletts’ dog
Schmeichel – Chesney Brown’s dog
Shandy – Sean Tully’s dog
Sunny Jim – Minnie Caldwell’s cat and Jed Stone’s
And then there’s the wonderful Frisky who appeared on Corrie’s title credits for a decade.
Can you think of any others? Who’s your favourite pet? Vote below!

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Anonymous said...

Darryl - Craigys rat - dont forget him

Dilly Daydream said...

It was nice to hear Chesney talking about Schmeichel the other night, wasn't it? Quite touching I thought.

Anonymous said...

What about that annoying parrot that plagued Eileen? I don't remember his name.

Anonymous said...

When did Rita have a dog? I don't remember that at all.
Amanda B

Corriepedia said...

Archie - Ena's mynah bird in 1962
Little Titch - Charlie Moffit's dog in 1964/5
Kitchener - Alice Pickens mynah bird in 1969

Stevie said...

I met Schmeichel once, or one of the dogs that played him, when walking into the studio where they film Jeremy Kyle at Granada. He was rather big! (the dog not the Jeremy).

Anonymous said...

How could you leave out Teresa the turkey?

Defrost Indoors said...

As per Jesse the erstwhile cowboy's parrot was called John.

maggie muggins said...

And Jack's pigeons.

maggie muggins said...

Woops, I see Scarlett the pigeon on the list. I guess that would be Jack's.

Rosie said...

Bet Lynch had an Alsatian for a short while, I was lucky enough to watch them filming with Bet, Percy Sugdon and the dog when I was at Granada Studios. All the visitors were ushered into the club(as it was then, now the surgery) at the end of the street) we were able to watch through the windows.

Anonymous said...

does anyone remember dennis tanner getting a job dog walking, and can anybody tell me if pics are avaible of these dogs.. as one of them belonged to my grandad, many years ago..thankyou

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