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Thursday 29 August 2013

Could Corrie ever be 're-booted'?

Last night, UK TV viewers were treated to what was called a 're-interpretation' of the popular 1980s Aussie drama, 'Prisoner: Cell Block H'. This was no continuation of the original series but an updated version. Perhaps the most significant aspect was that the writers gave a totally different spin on the programme's major characters. The ones who were evil back in the day were now sweetness and light. The prim and proper governor was now a bit of a baggage - you get the idea.

However, it got me wondering. Imagine the wonders and delights of a re-booted Corrie which could feature popular characters played by an array of alternative actors -  such as . . .

Kylie Platt (Kaya Scodelario) - a shy girl with little self-confidence who has forever been in the shadow of her successful business woman sister, Rebecca.

Rita Tanner (Matt Lucas & a Ronald McDonald wig) - a former mezzo-soprano opera singer and elderly font of all wisdom but who knows when to keep her own counsel. She's often found in the pub, nursing a small pineapple juice and her memories.

Deirdre Barlow (Tamsin Greig) - the Street's resident artist, famed for her exquisite pottery and a dab hand in the kitchen too!

Eileen Grimshaw (Julie Walters) - the life and soul of the party. If she's not cracking jokes then she's offering caring, warm-hearted advice to her nearest and dearest. She's a Mum for all seasons and has her hair done every week. No fright wig for her!

Stella Price (Amanda Redman) - the much-loved landlady of the Rovers Return. With her colourful frocks and her equally colourful and bubbly mother Gloria (Sheila Hancock), she dispenses drinks, smiles and never gets involved in the minutia of the customer's lives, even when they die without her having ever met them.

Tracy Barlow (Helena Bonham-Carter) - having sent several years in a convent, she's now back amongst her family but spends most of her time weeping for what has become of the world. Viewers will be moved by her displays of empathy and her collection of roll-necked sweaters.

Owen Armstrong (David Walliams) - with his love of musical theatre and Barbra Streisand, Owen holds court at a table in the Rovers, fascinating the locals with tales of his career as popular cabaret entertainer, Sherry Trifle.

Roy Cropper (Ray Winstone) - a mean-minded alcoholic who runs the local greasy spoon with his hard-faced ex-jailbird wife, Hales (Maxine Peake) who did time for setting fire to an anorak factory. Never, ever question the quality of their fried slice.

Carla Connor (Miranda Hart) - hapless, unlucky-in-love factory owner who spends most of the day falling over boxes or losing her skirt - with hilarious consequences!

 Could we ever cope with an alternative Corrie where Dev is a quietly spoken shop owner or Tina sits on the Red Rec making daisy chains? Stranger things have happened . . .

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Glenda Young said...

Sherry Trifle! Love it!

Rebecca said...

I think Helena Bonham-Carter would be a very good nice Tracy, but if she showed up on our screens tomorrow as evil Tracy I think she would be amazing! I would even forgive the sudden change in the character and the lack of continuity to see that!

Janice said...

Sean Tully ( Gerard Butler) returns from a Special Forces mission in the Sudan with a beautiful Sudanese wife (his third) arousing the jealousy of Sophie (Keiry Knightly) who has a long had on crush on him. Gail Tlsley (Helen Mirren) comes home and smiles at her blessings, a faithful, devoted husband (Brian) to whom she has been married to for thirty-five years and three well-behaved and intelligent children, all of whom are independent, financially-stable and happy.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Redman would be amazing as Stella, but only if she brought Dennis Waterman along as Karl.

abbyk said...

Miranda Hart as Carla Connor, ROFLOL!!!!! Tickety boo!!!

If he were still with us, Walter Matthau, the original grumpy old man, could play Chesney Brown.

Colin Firth should be cast as Stella Price. If someone's going to be shoehorned into every scene, get a great actor with eye candy appeal.

Anonymous said...

Keep this entry for future comparison. With the way the writers have done complete personality transplants on various characters in the last while, some of these changes may actually happen.


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