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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Corrie fans vote Blanche at AA meeting as fave 2000s Corrie moment

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Blanche's hilarious visit to Peter's Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in July 2009 as their favourite moment from Coronation Street during the 2000s. 296 of you voted and 98 (33.11%) voted for this classic Corrie moment.

In second place with 37 votes (12.5%) came Todd kissing Nick which was Corrie's first gay kiss in October 2003. These votes came under the 'other' option.

In third place came Richard driving the Platt family into the canal in March 2003 which received 34 votes (11.49%). Mike Baldwin's death in April 2006 came fourth place with 23 votes (7.77%) while ex wife Alma's death in June 2001 received 17 votes (5.74%) and came fifth.

Richard attacking Emily and killing Maxine in January 2003 came in sixth place with 16 votes (5.41%). This moment was the one that got me really hooked on Corrie. Gail and Eileen's classic catfight in May 2004 received 11 votes (3.72%) and came seventh while Emily, Rita, Norris and Roy high on cannabis in the caf√© in September 2003 came eighth with 10 votes (3.38%).

Mel Hutchwright's visit in May 2005 received 7 votes (2.36%) and came ninth while both Sarah finding out that she was pregnant in February 2000 and Peter revealed as a bigamist in September 2003 came in tenth place with 6 votes (2.03%).

Tracy murdering Charlie in January 2007 came in eleventh place with 5 votes (1.69%) while Tracy sleeping with Roy in July 2003; the Corner Shop going on fire after Mad Maya's revenge in November 2004; and Shelley jilting Charlie at the altar in September 2005 all  came twelfth with 4 votes (1.35%)

The Mike/Linda/Mark affair that occurred between 1999 and 2000 came in thirteenth place with 3 votes (1.01) as did Sally revealing she had cancer in December 2009. Eileen discovering that Julie was her sister in April 2009 received 2 votes (0.68%).

The following received 1 vote (0.34%): Karen's exit in December 2004; Charlie tries to drown David in October 2006; Karen and Tracy's showdown in February 2004; Katy murdering her dad Tommy in March 2005; Sean Tully; and Schmeichel ending up in Les and Cilla's hot-tub in November 2004.

Sadly, nobody voted for when Emily met Ernie's killer Ed in February 2006.

I also had to exclude those who voted for the tram crash and Jack Duckworth's death because they occurred in 2010, and so not in the 2000s.

Happy with the results?

And if you haven't yet, you can vote for your favourite Corrie OAP here. Voting closes on Monday, 19th August at midnight.

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Anonymous said...

There have been lots of great moments on the street over the years but I have to admit that if I had been at that AA meeting I would have strangled Blanche with a great deal of pleasure.

Anonymous said...

I watched the AA meeting over and over again. It was so funny. Blanch was one of a kind that's for sure!

Stevie said...

'I'm not entirely happy with her being here..'

'And I'm not entirely happy with your halitosis..'

Best. line. ever.

Glenda Young said...

And let's not forget the gloriously named Rita Tushingham Community Centre where it all kicked off!


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