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Friday 16 August 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 16 August

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 16TH AUGUST at 7.30pm

KARL ENCOUNTERS AN UNLIKELY THREAT. Beth’s upset thinking that Craig’s turmoil is over his absentee father and explains his dad was an alcoholic and ran away the moment he found out she was pregnant. Feeling guilty about lying to his mum Craig rushes off. It’s Karl who finds him crying in the backyard of the Rovers but when he asks him what’s wrong Karl’s floored by his response - he burnt down the pub when he threw away a cigarette that night because he saw Karl coming out! Knowing this not to be true how will Karl handle Craig?
TINA TAKES THE FIRST TENTATIVE STEPS TO HEAL. Tina’s determined to move on with her life and insists the first step is to see Jake. She knows it will be tough but she needs to do it. However after Tina’s eruption in the pub will Gary and Izzy agree to let her see Jake?
SALLY’S TORN OVER TIM. In the cold light of day Sally’s not sure she made the right move last night. However when Tim reveals he’s leaving for Newcastle later will she admit her feelings?
ELSEWHERE as they re-open the bistro Leanne thanks David for his support, telling a comatose Nick how grateful he’ll be for everything David’s done for him. Feeling wretched David struggles with the irony.

Coronation Street, FRIDAY 16TH AUGUST at 8.30pm

KARL SILENCES CRAIG. Panicking Karl rushes after Craig, knowing he can place him at the scene of the crime he has to get to Craig before he talks to anyone about the night of the fire. Dragging him into his car Karl can’t keep a lid on his volatile emotions and tells Craig he started a fire that killed 2 people and must keep quiet unless he wants to go to prison. What lengths will Karl go to to silence a terrified Craig?
TIM’S TORN AS HE CONTEMPLATES HIS FUTURE. As Tim says goodbye to an angry Faye, she sees it as proof he never cared. Tim’s scathing of the heartache Owen and Anna have made him inflict but they insist it’s for the best in the long run. Emotional Tim turns to Sally. Wanting him to stay, not just for Faye but for herself, will Sally be able to make him reconsider?
TINA TENTATIVELY HOPES TO BE PART OF JAKE’S LIFE. As Tina holds Jake, Gary and Izzy are moved by her honesty, it’s painful to see Jake from a distance but she’d still like to play a part in his life. Worried about confusing Jake, will Gary and Izzy agree to Tina having contact?
ELSEWHERE Dev comforts Leanne as she tries to get on with day to day life. Stella’s annoyed when Karl misses their appointment at the registry office. Will he be able to spin her a line?

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