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Thursday 22 August 2013

Reasons to be cheerful about Coronation Street

It's not all doom and gloom in Weatherfield, you know.  Yes, ok, we can't - and shouldn't - ignore the fact that William Roache and Micheal Le Vell, two long-serving Corrie cast members, are in court next month on sexual abuse charges.  And yes, Chris Fountain was sacked this week after rapping about rape.  But it's not all bad. No really, it's not and here's my reasons to be cheerful about Coronation Street, in no particular order.

Steve McDonald buys the Rovers.
Liz McDonald's coming back.
Todd Grimshaw's coming back.
Jimi Mistry's joining the cast.
Craig Tinker's a little belter to watch and will bring Karl Munro down for killing Sunita.
Daddy Connor returns, so he does.
It'll  be difficult to watch, but Hayley Cropper's cancer storyline will have us all in bits.
Carla and Peter's wedding will be good to watch.
Some of the most talented writers of stage and screen write for our favourite soap.
Fat Brenda's on the switch so all is well with the world.

Add to the mix that Coronation Street will be moving lock, stock and barmcake to its new set at Media City in Salford later this year, and I think we have a lot to look forward to... don't you? 

Any more Corrie positives we can accentuate?

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ChiaGwen said...

Wholeheartedly agree that Craig is a little belter but am liking the fact that Beth is showing a softer, kinder side to her in her concern for Craig and not being a total cow all the time. Beth, Craig, Kirk, Chesney and Sinead are a group worth watching. Hopefully, Katy won't be in the mix.

Joseph said...

St Ella's leaving.

Sorry but someone had to say it.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It seems to have taken a long time for the new producer to show what he's made of. Not his fault; some old story lines had to run their course and some contracts had to be honoured. I like the promised newcomers and won't miss the leavers. Dare I say it but could SB be planning a return to jail for Rob and Tracy? Didn't Carla say Tracy would have Rob back in prison by the end of the year? Let them both go and that would make my Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep spelling it St Ella??? Isnt it Stella?

Anonymous said...

Yes, her name is Stella but people are writing Stella as St. Ella because they do not like the character and maybe because Stella figures she is a Saint - or something like that.

What I would like to know is who is Fat Brenda?:)

Llifon said...

I find 2013 very similar to 1983 - another year full of behind the scenes scandal, but on-screen the show was at its strongest.

We're going through a rough patch, but I'm sure Captain Blackburn and his crew will lead us to a safe harbour in due course.

Newfy Pearl said...

Happy days! Steve and Liz in the Rovers again! Yay!
Who is Daddy Connor?
P.S. I think anonymous - who keeps making the St. Ella comment - is secretly a Stella fan. lol

Anonymous said...

Fat Brenda follow her on Twitter she's funny

Anonymous said...

Fat Brenda has also published on this Blog, many times. I'd love to see a sweep out of several characters. reduce the cast number for awhile and then bring in some new folks and storylines.

Calvin said...

Absolutely! Lots to look forward to.

The new set up in the Rovers should be interesting. I love Steve and he just fits in there so well - he's like part of the furniture. Looking forward to Liz's return too - she was never one of my favourite characters but I'd rather watch her instead of Stella!

A wedding for Carla and Peter would be wonderful but would they go ahead with it - without Ken? I wonder if the writers will wait to see what happens at BR's trial in January if there is a chance he will return to Corrie next year.

Hayley's storyline has been excellent so far and there's still a long way to go, so I'm looking forward to it but at the same time dreading saying goodbye to such a great character and actress. All the actors involved in the story have been superb. It's a shame that Stephanie Cole has had to leave but I just hope that she gets better soon and is able to return to Corrie. Sylvia is beyond brilliant and will definitely be missed.

I have to say I am loving Deirdre! It's been so frustrating watching her defend Tracy over the years but she appears to have seen the light! Finally! And she really is hilarious now. The writing for her has been fantastic.

abbyk said...

@ Humpty Dumpty, ya know how the Barlow family always figures into the Christmas episode, and it's always a train wreck? What if, in some twist of fate, the Weatherfield Police actually get something right. The bell rings at #1. Simon and Amy run to answer it. Is it Emily with a fruitcake? No. Is it Santa? No! Its Chief Inspector Whocares with 2 arrest warrants. Merry Christmas to All!!!!

Anonymous said...

What? Back to the old same old with Liz banging Lloyd and Steve owning the pub? Who has to watch this show when they're just going to bring the same characters back after a few years?
I am not looking forward to Liz again.

Anonymous said...

While we're on about the correct spelling of St Ella's name, we should fix Fat Brenda's as well. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be Phat Brenda. Much more fitting.

Digger said...

Totally agree with Calvin about Deirdre - she's had some cracking lines recently. I can't think of anyone better - or more suited - to take on the Blanche mantle. She is, after all, Blanche's daughter and would have studied, even if only subconsciously, at the feet of the master. As she gets older she must be thinking "what the hell... I've had enough of being a people-pleaser and I'm gonna say what I think." Lots more good stuff coming if they follow this line for Deirdre, I'm thinking.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm not sure about Todd coming back and cannot understand why people are so excited over it. He was a pretty dull character so I remember, the only thing of interest he ever did was try and snog Nick Tisley. It will mean more scenes with sour faced Eileen when Frosty has had more than enough of her bitterness and thinks she should have been written out with Paul. But the Prices are going - YAH - not as quickly as I would have liked but a step in the right direction.

Rosie L said...

The brilliance of Blanche was line delivery and facial expression, Deirdre does the same, and with the right scripts she could easily take over from Blanche. I'm looking forward to the daughter of the mistress of the Harridan. I think we're in for a treat with Liz coming back too, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm not looking forward to Peters wedding, he worked well him with Leanne, hut this pairing with Carla is ridiculous - hate it when they have a storyline.

We could always look forward to the disappearance of Dev, the misfortunes of Michelle and the guillotineing of Gail....sorry couldnt resist that last one.


Dolly Tubb said...

I'm sooooooooo liking Corrie at the moment. I think SB has done a great job so far and I really like his style and his frequent nods to the past. Kirk and Beth are a great combo and wee Craig is a little belter. Deidre has cojones at last where Tracy is concerned and I'm really looking forward to her being a 'proper' Street character again. And whilst my heart sank at Mr B's promise that Tracy will be a major player in the near future, I'm not finding that quite so bad now that Corrie's direction is being shown in its true colours - after all, if it's a HUGE story where Tracy goes back inside that can only be a good thing :)

Anonymous said...

What Corrie desperately needs right now (in Canada) are some new characters!! Same old, same old, I am so sick of Gail, David, Eileen, Paul. I live in hope that Mr. Blackburn will see it in his wisdom to introduce some new blood! Some cool young people to get the younger viewers to watch and some new male eye candy for the ladies please!

Newfy Pearl said...

I think we are all agreed...Deirdre is the most entertaining of our older Corrie ladies at present.
I cannot wait for her and Liz to get together again. Imagine the mischief Deirdre can get up to with her new attitude and no Ken to make her feel 20 years older than she is. lol
Looking forward to some great episodes coming up this year!
I agree with the person who liked Leanne and Peter together. I read that Nick is going to be a different character when he comes out of his you never can tell what could happen there.....

Anonymous said...

Deirdre is awesome, isn't she? She is turning into Blanche.

I love Carla and Peter together so I'm looking forward to the wedding but at the same time it's obvious that Tracey and Rob will be doing whatever they can to stop it from going ahead. Ugh! Imagine having Tracy as a sister and Rob as a brother.

Hayley's storyline is extremely moving. This is the story that I really think the actors involved are taking it to another level and the writing has been excellent too.


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