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Monday 19 August 2013

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Monday 19 August

MONDAY 19TH AUGUST at 7.30pm
PAUL LEAVES LLOYD TO THE MERCY OF RACIST THUGS. It’s Paul’s birthday but he’s in court, where he receives community service for his attack on Lloyd. In a bid to cheer him up Eileen suggests a lads night out, asking Steve, Lloyd and Brian to tag along. But when Paul’s workmates fail to show Paul blames Lloyd, reckoning it’s because they think he’s a racist. Realising the evening is a wash-out, Paul, Steve and Brian head home leaving Lloyd chatting up the barmaid. But when a group of locals approach Lloyd making racist digs, is Lloyd in danger?
KARL HAS TO KEEP CRAIG ON SIDE. Craig tries to get hold of Karl, desperate to talk to someone. But before Karl can get to him Stella finds Craig in the ginnel drinking vodka. As she takes him home to Beth a panic-stricken Karl’s in hot pursuit. Is Craig about to reveal all to Stella?
STRESSED LEANNE LASHES OUT. When Leanne walks in on Gail, Kylie and David discussing how she’s coping Leanne flips accusing them of gossiping. Leanne’s clearly on edge and David feels guilty.
ELSEWHERE Sally and Anna lock horns over Tim’s presence on the street but how does Faye feel about her dad staying? Michelle feels threatened by Peter, convinced he’s trying to edge her out of a job.

MONDAY 19TH AUGUST at 8.30pm
A RIFT OPENS UP BETWEEN EILEEN AND PAUL. As the racist thugs threaten Lloyd, throwing him against a wall, Paul suddenly arrives. Realising what’s going on he jumps to Lloyd’s defence. As the thugs back off, Lloyd thanks Paul for coming to his rescue. Paul apologises to Lloyd, admitting he was in the wrong from the beginning and they finally bury the hatchet. But is Paul’s apology too little too late for Eileen?
LEANNE HAS A GLIMMER OF HOPE ABOUT NICK. When the consultant tells Gail and Leanne that they’re reducing Nick’s sedation and he should regain consciousness soon, how will David react?
ANXIOUS KARL FRETS AS CRAIG BREAKS DOWN. Stella deposits Craig with Beth and explains how she found him drinking. Karl tries to make light of it but consumed with misery, Craig contemplates owning up to Beth about the fire. Will Karl be able to convince him to keep quiet?
ELSEWHERE Determined to try and win Faye round, Sally tells Anna they’re having a Bank Holiday BBQ. But rising to the bait Anna retorts that Faye won’t be there as they’re having their own BBQ. Peter feels belittled by Carla as she witters on about the horribly expensive wedding dress she’s buying. Stella tells an unimpressed Tina that she’d like her to do a few shifts at the bistro to help Leanne out. 

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Beth said...

"Leanne flips out" Nothing new there then so just a regular Monday for her :)

Frosty the Snowman said...

Groan how much longer is this Paul business gonna be dragged out? He should have just stayed in Yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this boring 'Paul' story is a filler for the storylines that couldn't take place due to Ken and Kevin's absences. I see Stephanie Cole is poorly and has had to leave for a while which must've also disrupted filming / storylines of Hayleys demise. And then there's Chris Fountains 'you tube ' stuff. I'm sure TPTB are under a lot of stress to cover all these problems.

Anonymous said...

Its not a filler for Ken and Kevin's absences for goodness sake. Why do people have to keep using this? Paul isn't being dragged out, the reason he never stayed in Yorkshire because these scenes would of been filmed under Phil Collinson, and Stuart Blackburn axed him and the actor would of still been under contract to appear until later this year. They cannot just write someone out. That's why he remained after that.

Apparently every story is a filler for Ken, like he really makes that much of an appearance, same with Kevin. Its like 6 months since Kevin last appeared, but apparently they are trying to fill his shoes.

Newfy Pearl said...

Hey that is why we never see Tyrone anymore....he is covering at the garage for Kev! lol
If we all close our eyes...and count to three...and yell "Shut up whinging Eileen!" Do you think she would shut up for a change? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I, for one am not missing neither Kevin or Ken. The actors they have now are far more talented. Bill R rode the Corrie gravy train for years which is very clever of him because he's not a very good actor. Neither is Michael LV for that matter.


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