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Sunday 11 August 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for Aug. 5 - 9

Jan Brady award: Tracy is starting to sound like one of the Brady Bunch. But instead of Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! it's Peter, Peter, Peter! Stop whining. Oh. Forgot who I was talking about for a minute there. As you were.

Misplaced anger award: David is determined to ignore Kylie's part in the one night stand. It's not 50/50 in his little world. And will he now blame Tina as well?

Churlish award: Lloyd said nice things about Mandy's cooking. What does she do? Spit "Is that a compliment" back at him, dripping in sarcasm.

Satisfaction award: Peter was very pleased to see Rob and Tracy fighting in the street.

Unlikely allies award: Carla and Tracy on the same side. Tenuously.

Insensitive award: Gary and Owen talking about a celebration for the baby's homecoming in front of Tina. Nice.

Deja Vu award: Poor Leanne, she nearly lost Peter to an accident and now Nick's life is hanging in the balance.

Workhouse award: That paper bag looked too heavy for an adult let alone a child. Surely that's illegal?

Unlikely award: Eileen dreamed of being Princess Grace of Monaco when she was young.

Continuity fail: Mandy's black bra strap was showing earlier in an episode and missing later unless they were off her shoulders but it didn't look like they were that loose.

Lines of the week
Deirdre to Tracy "I think you'd sell me if you thought you could get a few quid"
David about Nick "He suffers and we live happily ever after"
Gary to Owen "I want to be a good dad. Like you" (Are you new here?)
Norris "And he makes fun of me behind his back" Rita "We all do"
David to Nick "I forgive her. I make you pay"
Rob "I'm not letting your brother have the satisfaction of splitting us up" (meaning he would only stay with Tracy to spite Peter?)
Lloyd "Things could have gone better"
Steve "I wasn't Born in the USA so move on."
Eileen "Have you always been a pessimist?" Steve "It's the only way to be happy"
Rob to Tracy "The only thing cheap and tacky I want draped all over me is you" Tracy "And who said romance is dead!"
Lloyd "What have i got to rush  home for eh? The next installment of Dancing on Eggshells"
Beth "You know your problem, you think too much" Kirk "You're not the first person to say that" (really???)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Odd hospital visiting award: Just why did Leanne haul young Simon in to the hospital to see Nick lying in a coma covered in tubes? He isn’t even Simon’s father and it would be upsetting for the child. Very bizarre behaviour.

WHY was Tina even there? She is not part of the family, is not a friend of Nick, she is just David’s ex. The way she barged in taking off her coat and proceeded to argue with David while Nick just lay there was nothing short of disgraceful, The sooner this sour faced chav leaves the better as far as I am concerned.

Alcoholics award: Lloyd and Jenna seem to end a sentence in every episode with – Drink? Then off they are to the Rovers Bye bye to ‘Mand’ this week, shame she didn’t work out as a character and double shame she didn’t take Jenna with her.

Pointless reappearance award: The dreadful Gloria stands out like a sore thumb in the Rovers as someone that just does not fit in and should not be there

Mother of the year award: Tracy scheming to off load her daughter onto anyone she can so she can shack up with Rob Run for the hills

njblas said...

It's easily forgotten about, especially as it's never mentioned, but Tina is part of the family - kind of. She is Gail's step-daughter, so a step-sister to Nick and David.

Anonymous said...

Another one which should be on your lines of the week
Carla to peter (about tracy) "im sure nurse ratched had a flicker of remorse before she labotimised jack nicholson"
It was absolutely brilliant and one of carlas best one liners!

Anonymous said...

Yes the comment about Nurse Ratched was a cracking line, if a little esoteric.

I must admit I found Nick's visitors rather bizarre. I think Simon was there for the "ahhh" factor, but I must admit my reaction was more like Frosty's and I thought it inappropriate. The scenes between David and Tina were weak too.

Still Ben Price's performance at the hospital was his best yet.

Anonymous said...

Can't get you out of here fast enough - Mandy's send off. A quick drink in the Rovers - they're not the same people they were years ago (duh..) a hug one might give a favorite aunt as she's leaving and Mandy's outta here. What a waste of time was that whole storyline? They need to bring Cheryl back into Lloyd's life. They had chemistry. Jenna needs to go too. Her relationship with Sophie is cringe-worthy.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd and Cheryl had chemistry? They had all the chemistry of a flat bottle of pop! I would NEVER want to see Cheryl back. Please, let's find Lloyd somebody decent.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 19:32. Cheryl was a pointless character. I am hoping Lloyd and Liz rekindle their romance when Liz returns.

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Anonymous - Ben Price's best performance in the hospital - ha,ha,ha.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the new producer is doing what he can to clean house and put and end to pointless storylines started before he arrived.


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