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Sunday 25 August 2013

Hello Street!

As Rita Tanner might say, "Hello Street!" Yes, I'm back from my holidays and I've been without my fix of Coronation Street for nearly a month. A month is a long time in Weatherfield life, as I found out last night when I checked my television and found a massive collection of Corrie episodes recorded and ready to view.

I don't think even I, a diehard Corrie fan, can sit through a months worth of episodes. So I am asking you, loyal Coronation Street Blog follower, to fill me in on your personal highlights and lowlights of Weatherfield goings on for the month of August. 

I have kept up to date with the eventful time Corrie has been having off screen in the real world, so we don't need to dwell on the more colourful occurrences of late. No, I'm interested on what you all think has been good, bad and just plain ugly on screen from the past month.

So let's have your opinions! Don't be shy!

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Anonymous said...

Eileen and Paul split..again..he begged - she put him out and he left. It is beyond me why they had to do this whole thing over again and the character 'Eileen' needs to go. IMO she's had her time. Now Paul will be killed in a fire and she'll realize she let the best thing that ever happened to her walk out the door and we'll be subject to more self pity and crap
from her.
Ben Price's acting these past few weeks has been amazing!!!

Stephen said...

I have two words: Steve McDonald. He's the best thing in a programme full of best things, and I'd sit through a month's worth just for the moments when he's on.

Otherwise, Chesney's humming and hawing, Anna's a right little snipe, Tim and Sally are shaggin', Tracy's trying to get Rancid Rob to take her in, Eileen dumped Paul, who finally made up with the excellent Lloyd, Carla's humanitarian side showed itself, young Craig is wilting under his conscience (witnessed Karl run from the pub, the night of the fire) and Rita was attacked in the Red Rec by a trio of turds.

Now enjoy!

FJH said...

Good: Karl beginning to crumble as John Michie is a terrific actor and his character has been consistently sleazy in using Craig. Sally shacking up with Tim, a man clearly uninterested in her idea of a good, 'upper-class' time, meaning a recipe for disaster.

Bad: Evil David is just getting really tiring as we wait for this baby to pop out from under Kylie's maxi dresses. His schemes were great at first, but it's hit a slow point without Nick in the mix.

Ugly: Garreh and Izzeh are still unbearable to watch as they fuss over their baby and then over Tina. Kind of preposterous at this late stage that they'd still be having dynamic problems with Tina, and I don't think anyone cares regardless.

Anonymous said...

And Deirdre has been an absolute star!!! Not ONCE uttering a "Tracey luv". She's been a pure joy to watch.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Made no sense at all why Eileen got rid of Paul. Love seeing the beginning of the end to Karl. Can't wait for him to be found out.

Anonymous said...

Finally I've reached the end of my rope with Eileen and her stupidity. No one in their right mind would give her a second look and yet she drops Paul as if she is something so special. Also very tired of self-wallowing and constant pity parties she has for herself. She lost a great man and will never get one like him again! If that is the way she's going to be, she doesn't deserve a good man!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Paul seemed to leave quite suddenly after all that drawn out stuff before!

Anonymous said...

Some great moments in the cab office among Eileen, Steve and Lloyd. It's those little moments I love.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the new Producer is flexing some muscle to clear out the cobwebs, whenever possible. Hopefully Eileen cheers her miserable self up once her other son returns to the Street.


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