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Monday 12 August 2013

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 12 August

Coronation Street, MONDAY 12TH AUGUST at 7.30pm

JAKE’S PARTY CAUSES TINA TO ERUPT. Tina puts on a brave face as the Windasses host Jake’s homecoming party at the Rovers but when she holds the baby for the first time since leaving the hospital all her memories come flooding back. As Owen then makes a poignant speech, thanking Tina for carrying the child, her heart breaks. Finally losing her cool Tina has a vicious row with a mocking Tracy before grabbing a bottle and heading off into the night intent on self-destruction.
DAVID’S GUILT STARTS TO TAKE ITS TOLL. As the Platts keep a vigil at Nick’s bedside David struggles to hold it together. When the consultant then tells the family that Nick may never wake from his coma and even if he does he could have permanent brain damage will David finally crack under the pressure?
BETH FEARS CRAIG’S ON DRUGS. As a worried Beth discusses Craig’s recent bad behaviour with Maria, Kirk and Sinead she wishes she knew what lay behind it. Tackling Craig, Beth demands to know is he taking drugs?
ELSEWHERE Sophie and Jenna notice Sally’s keen on Tim but as he’s due to leave on Friday will either do anything about it? Lloyd assurers Jenna he wants her in his life.

Coronation Street, MONDAY 12TH AUGUST at 8.30pm

TINA’S MELTDOWN HAS DANGEROUS CONSEQUENCES. Alone on the Red Rec Tina drinks in a bid to blot out the pain. Tommy meanwhile is blaming himself, Tina only got into this to pay his debts and it’s destroyed her. Determined to find Tina, Rita heads to the Red Rec where she’s been spotted. But by the time she arrives Tina’s thought better of drinking herself stupid and headed home. But as a relieved Tommy and Dennis comfort Tina where is Rita?
DAVID’S FAMILY HELP HIM THROUGH HIS PRIVATE TORMENT. Alone at Nick’s bedside David’s sick with remorse and begging Nick not to die he vows to confess. But as Kylie tells David how much she loves him will he be able to bring himself to reveal the truth about Nick’s accident?
BETH’S AT HER WITS’ END WITH CRAIG. Having found no evidence of drugs on Craig, Beth wonders if he could be struggling with his sexuality. Kirk offers to talk to him but will Craig open up about what’s really troubling him?
ELSEWHERE as Sally heads out on a date with a man she met online Tim’s taken aback by how good she looks. Is Sally dating the wrong man? Lloyd says goodbye to Mandy.

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lizzieizzard said...

What is wrong with Tracy - she is becoming a bitter old hag - poor Tina doesn't deserve this vicious snide remarks from her.As read in earlier blogs Run Rob run and don't look back - lets hope Amy will turen out to be a nicer Barlow

Anonymous said...

Didn't Lloyd already say goodbye to Mandy? She left in a black cab.

ChiaGwen said...

Mandy left in the Fri episodes - fast exit, not really anything leading up to it?

Stephen said...

I have a sneaking regard for Tracy Luv Barlow, as she is rather a cartoon character villainess, but she is rather relentless, and tiresome. Has she not one single redeeming feature? She's now palmed off her daughter completely in order to be with a complete loser. What next?

Frosty the Snowman said...

What are Grizzly doing having a 'party' for Jake anyhway, cant they wait until the Christing to shove it in Tina's face? This pair are as thick and insensitive as they come. The way Izzy suddenly wheels herself into a scene with that strange grin on her face gives Frosty the creeps. You would think a low paid couple with a new baby would have better things to spend their money on than pathetic parties at the pub.


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