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Tuesday 20 August 2013

Chris Fountain makes apology - full statement

According to today's Daily Star, ex-Coronation Street actor Chris Fountain has made a statement after being kicked off Corrie yesterday for the rape rap scandal.  The statement is as follows:

 "I completely understand that ITV had no choice but to terminate my contract today. I have had two wonderful years playing Tommy Duckworth with only happy memories of my time on Coronation Street.

I am mortified that I have brought so much embarrassment to my colleagues and employers these last few days. My biggest regret however is not to do with losing my job, but that I have hurt and let down so many people including those in a vulnerable situation and I am so very deeply ashamed of this.

"There is absolutely no excuse - I take complete responsibility for my actions - but they were in no way thought out or represent at all my attitude towards women, rape and violence. I just want to apologise from the bottom of my heart to everyone who I have offended or upset.

"I am also mortified to have put my mother, grandad and girlfriend through the last few days which they are hurt and bewildered by and so do not deserve. I am so sorry. Once again to everyone who I have let down and hurt. I am deeply sorry."

Want to know what I think?  In three words... it's here.

Chris Fountain's actions have been condemned by charities, women's groups and MPs.

Fay Maxted, chief executive of the Survivors Trust – an umbrella agency for more than 135 specialist rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations – said last week: "He is a role model for young people. It almost seems like he's making a joke of something that really isn't funny."

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Billy Niblick said...

Well, I'd say you have to give Mr Fountain credit for a full and comprehensive apology. Too often you see mealy-mouthed "apologies" that are really nothing of the kind. This is the real McCoy, and the lad is clearly devastated and showing genuine contrition.

Hope he advances his career after this setback.

Anonymous said...

This is such a non issue it's embarrassing. They'd better sack those other two as well if they want to retain their viewers. IMO this is just a ploy to get a non-actor out of his contract because they have nothing for him to do. It really is sad that someone cannot make a mistake, apologize profusely for it but is vilified anyway. He's only young...I guess those without sin are piling up the rocks!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this rapper persona before. Now I know. Good publicity hmmm???

Anonymous said...

Sue them. Bill R. made comments that should have gotten him fired big time but the producers just looked the other way.

abbyk said...

Stupid little boy indeed. However, it really bothers me that a young person's career has been derailed by a stunt (a very stupid one) that was done completely apart from his contract, and others who did wrong were left alone. None of the bloggers, commenters or DigitalSpy-type 'journalists' mention or know if CF had a morals clause in his contract, and even if he did, this video was completely detached. People may be offended by what "The Phantom" espoused (once!), but that wasn't CF talking as CF or in any way related to the show. Do I think the actor Philip Glenister hates France because the character Gene Hunt used French as a pejorative? No. Based on what has been presented, same thing, IMO.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It may be hard on the actors, but I've always assumed that once you're employed by a TV production company/soap, you're owned by them. If you want to do something extra-curricular, you have to ask permission. And it isn't just about time off, it's also the nature of what you're going to do. As for those who say the video was done in CF's own time, that's a bit rich. It's hardly in the same league as playing a few rounds of golf at the weekend. Maybe it has come at a bad time for CF with all the Savile stuff going on, but that's life. The really damning thing is that the video is a year old. That means he had a year to think it was shameful and he had better delete it, or come clean to Corrie producers. As for drawing a parallel with Bill Roache, I have some sympathy for CF. BR has got away with a lot so far eg his comments on TV - not the as yet unproven allegations - but consider the people involved. One actor is 25 and has been employed for 2 years and the other is 81 and was in the first episode. The best thing CF can do is go with dignity, doesn't talk to the press (some chance!) and maybe tries to get some stage work. He may survive the storm. Good luck to him.

Anonymous said...

Punishment of termination is too great in this case. ITV executives have really made a unfair move as far as I am concerned. I will miss Chris Fountain. Do we miss the other two?

Let's Hope For More Drama ON THE SCREEN said...

Let's be honest here, CF clearly has a good publicist who, no doubt along with Corrie's, came up with this public apology. I'm not saying he doesn't support them but it's doubtful these are words "from his own heart". For those encouraging him to sue, he has no grounds as I'm confident he was fired for just cause under the terms of his contract. On the upside for the actor, his character was going no where and you know what they say in the business - any publicity is good publicity. If he has real acting skills, he'll find work somewhere (that needs the publicity). As far as WR and ML go, unless they are convicted in court, there's no just cause to fire them; yet. In fact, being fired while charges are merely pending would be a wonderful start to a law suit. However, as I feel both characters have gone the distance on the show, I couldn't care less if either ever returns to the Street. On a personal level, I've found William Roache to be tasteless and offensive but since he normally disguises this behind his religious/spiritual views, his commentary is sadly protected along with his job.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how celebs (of all ages) post things on YouTube or Twitter or WhatEver and don't THINK about the reaction to their actions.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope - a direct quote from Bill R."Whether they’re proven guilty or not, we should not be judgmental about anybody, ever. We should always be totally forgiving about everything.” So I believe even a veteran actor would agree that Chris should be forgiven. Maybe old Bill has some foresight hmm?

Dolly Tubb said...

Anonymous 00.21: There's a difference between totally forgiving an act, and ensuring that justice is done according to that act.

The right action has been taken. Hopefully we can now allow CF to move on.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have bee wondering whether Bill Roach might be in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Some of his recent actions and comments have been very disturbing, so say the least.

Anonymous said...

I looked up 2 of the YouTube clips and am horrified, sad and scared. I can't believe there is any debate on this issue - have those defending CF actually seen the clips?


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