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Friday 23 August 2013

Preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Friday 23 August

FRIDAY 23RD AUGUST at 7.30pm
TINA CONFRONTS DAVID ABOUT THE CRASH. As an exhausted Leanne sits at Nick’s bedside willing him to wake, David’s overwhelmed with guilt. Meanwhile, Tina leaves several messages on David’s phone, desperate to talk to him and find out if he’s responsible for Nick’s car crash. Tina finally corners David in the salon and demands to know if he tried to kill his brother. Will a tormented David reveal the truth?
CHESNEY’S FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN KATY AND SINEAD. When Katy suggests to Chesney they take Joseph to the park together, Sinead assures Chesney it’s fine and they can meet up later. Katy, dolled up to the nines, meets Chesney in the cafe. Making out Joseph’s got a cold, she tells Chesney how she thought it’d be nice for them to have some time alone. As Sinead watches them from across the street, will Chesney succumb to Katy’s charms?
GARY AND IZZY WORRY ABOUT TINA. Gary and Izzy ask Tina if she’d like to babysit Jake. But they’re taken aback when a distracted Tina seems dismissive and tells them she’ll have to get back to them.
ELSEWHERE Sally invites everyone to come dine with her. Eileen’s fed up with people gossiping about her love life. Anna finds a note from Sylvia saying she’s gone to stay with her sister, as she needs to get away from it all but decides not to tell Roy and Hayley until they get back from their holidays.

FRIDAY 23RD AUGUST at 8.30pm
TINA’S TORN OVER DAVID’S TERRIBLE SECRET. Under Tina’s accusatory gaze, David caves in and admits he was responsible for the hate campaign and Nick’s car crash but insists he never meant to kill Nick. Tina’s horrified and determines to tell Gail the truth. David begs her to keep quiet but Tina makes it clear, she’s not prepared to lie for him. Is David’s time up?
SINEAD GIVES CHESNEY AN ULTIMATUM. Assuring Chesney she’d understand if he chose to be with Katy over her, as Katy’s the mother of his child, Sinead leaves Chesney to think about it. Chesney has a heart to heart with Tyrone and admits the most important thing in his life is Joseph. Desperate to be with his son will Chesney finish with Sinead and take Katy back?
SALLY WORRIES SHE’S COMING ON TOO STRONG. When Sally bangs on about her garden party and suggests Tim should invite some of his friends, Tim makes excuses and escapes to the pub. Worried that Tim’s going off her, Sally asks Sophie and Jenna for their advice. Jenna reckons she should take a step back and stop smothering him. But is Sally capable of a more chilled approach?
ELSEWHERE Tina assures Gary and Izzy she’s love to babysit for baby Jake and they don’t need to worry about her. Eileen rebukes Julie for fussing over her.
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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh no not more of Tina 'confronting' someone. Better have my remote ready to put on mute. Can't wait for this shouty little shrew to go. She is always so bad tempered

Anonymous said...

Sally asks the stellar couple Jenna and Sophie their advise on men? WTF! Sally was the local bike when she first came to the street - prostituted herself to her boss in order to pay for Rosie's Oakhill education, tried it on with John Stape etc. etc. and now wants advice about men? Why the eff does Sally need a man? Why does she not get on her daughters back about finishing her education? She could get her massage therapist license and go into business with Jenna - open a massage parlour/physio clinic or some such.

Anonymous said...

Sally "chilled" in her response to anything? You've got to be joking.

Anonymous said...

Tina was so annoying. She says she's David's "mate" then in the next breath threatens to go to Gail and the police.

They must be helping us hate Tina so we won't miss her when she's gone!


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