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Saturday 17 August 2013

Corrie Weekly Update - never get in a car with a strange man

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Craig’s secret is out. The reason he’s been moody and quiet the last few months is not, as Kirk suspected, because of ‘feelings in the trouser department’ or that Craig might be gay.  It’s not, as Beth suspected, because Craig’s on drugs or missing his alcoholic dad Darryl “he even named his rat after him”.  But it is, as we all find out, because he thinks he’s the one responsible for killing Sunita and firefighter Toni and burning down the Rovers Return. 

We know this because he admits all to Karl. Yes, Karl. Desperate to unburden what he thinks is his guilt, Craig pops round to the Rovers and sits in the smoking shelter, tears running down his face.  He wants to admit everything to either Stella or Karl, to tell them he was smoking the night of the Rovers fire and that he thinks his unfinished cigarette that he threw to the ground, was the spark that the fire needed to burn the pub to the ground and kill two innocent people.  Poor Craig, he’s been walking around for the last few months with all this guilt, this wrongly-placed guilt, in his little ginger head. No wonder he’s been off his food.  

Anyway, it’s Karl who finds Craig sitting crying in the shelter. “Alright, Chesney?” asks Karl, confusing one red-head lad for another.  “It’s Craig,” he tells Karl before unburdening himself with the events of that dreadful night when he thinks he’s burned down the pub. It’s music to Karl’s ears and he later picks Craig up in his car and drives him somewhere quiet for a chat.  He tells him he understands his guilt about burning down the pub but if he keeps quiet all will be well.  Karl presumably thinks that if Craig thinks he burned down the pub, and he can dob Craig in to the cops, then that’ll absolve Karl from any finger of flame-blame that might point at him.  “Think of me as your go-to guy,” Karl tells Craig, trying to lure him into his confidence with a leer on his face and malice on his mind.  Run, Craig, run.

Elsewhere this week, Gary and Izzy throw a party in the Rovers to celebrate little Jake coming out of hospital. Tina’s on duty behind the bar and can’t cope, chucks vodka down her neck and disappears to the Red Rec where she’s threatened by two lads and a girl but gives them short shrift.  Rita finds out what’s happened at the party and runs after Tina, gets threatened by the same kids on the Red Rec but comes off far worse.

Rita’s tussled to the ground, gets roughed up and has her handbag nicked. She’s hurt and upset but the big red hairdo does its job, fights its own battle and wins, ready to fight another day.  That hair hasn't moved since 1973 and it's going to take more than a gang of kids ont'Red Rec to shift it now.

At th’ospital the Plattilsleys are warned that when Nick makes a recovery (as he surely will) his personality might change.  I think we can all look forward to that.

And finally this week, Sally goes on a date with an insurance salesman she meets online. The date is as dull as it sounds and when she tries to shoo him away from the front door like a mangy cat who’s followed her home, it’s Tim who gets invited in instead. After a snog on the soft furnishings, the two of them go up the stairs to Bedfordshire and Sally’s eggs are scrambled the morning after the night before.  Their shag-fest leads to Tim changing his mind about moving away to Newcastle and he decides to stay on the Street to be near Sally and Faye. Anna, as you’d expect, is not best pleased – but does she want Tim away from Faye… or Sally?

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

I just thought all this Craig having a sly fag and now thinking he is a murderer pretty random and contrived. Obviously been parachuted in as Karl's contract is coming to an end and its a convenience for his downfall. How rough is Stella looking lately?

Glenda Young said...

I don't think it's at all contrived, I think it's a very clever storyline and brings the wonderful Craig to the fore.

Anonymous said...

I knew Craig was hiding something but why confess to a total stranger?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I love the evil Karl and the way he's trying to control Craig. I agree it was a bit contrived that a shy boy would go straight to the person who he thinks he harmed. Craig could have put a letter of confession through the pub door and Karl intercepts it. The young actor is really excellent.

Beth said...

I find the Windass and the Armstrongs just agggghhhhh. Gary, who once upon a time was an ok character is now annoying, moody, unreasonable and unlikable. Don't even get me started on Anna, Owen and Izzy. Katie whinges and can't act her way out of a paper bag. And what's more because there is so many of them they are on all the time.

I hope that Tim and Sally manage to wind them up a treat. Hopefully Sally will start taking Faye under her wing and drive Anna crazy - ha! Who did they think they were scaring Tim off like that and stopping a little girl from seeing her dad. Awful people!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Karl's aim to keep Craig from going to the cops because Craig saw Karl coming out of the back door of the pub when he claims he was at the Bistro all evening? Craig may not have realised the significance of that, but the cops certainly would (even Weatherfield cops).

But, apart from that, the young actor who plays Craig was very good, Gary has become a full-time moaner, I'm looking forward to Sally taking on Anna, and I enjoyed watching Dennis telling Tina a few home truths.

Anonymous said...

Yes the critical thing was seeing Karl lock the door-he almost lost it when Craig said that. I love that Craig is going to make a strapping ypung man in a few years. And Stella is lookong terrible- yeesh.

Anonymous said...

The Weatherfield cops are so stupid, Karl could be standing there with matches in his hand, a bottle of petrol and a sign painted on his chest claiming 'I did it - I torched the Rovers - arrest me now', and they'd just say oh, I guess you need a lay down or summat because you're stressed.

Tvor said...

I like how it's working out with Craig but the thing that strikes me as stupid, that the writers missed, is the smoking thing. We've never seen any hint of Craig smoking. Beth and Kirk have both searched his room recently and found no evidence. It came out of nowhere. Surely they should have had one of them find a cig or a lighter or some evidence as one more clue before it came out.

Newfy Pearl said...

Anna is a real lady macbeth in this situation with Tim. I think Owen would have been happy enough to have Faye back home and let Tim be a part time parent. But no! Anna was not happy with that. She is the one who tried to push Tim out of his daughter's life 100%. I do hope that this comes back to bite her on the bum....this is not love...this is a sick control issue. Not to mention bully behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Tvor... I think if Craig thought his smoking started the fire, he probably would have thrown away any cigarettes he had and not have touched another one since, just because he felt so guilty. Craig and Beth didn't search his room until quite some time after the fire.

Anonymous said...

That should have been Kirk and Beth.

abbyk said...

It was nice to see Anna as classless as the day she arrived. Ughhh. Play it smart, lady, if you know how. Tim may not have known Faye was up for adoption. SIn the real world, some clever lawyer might reverse or amend your situation.

Sally, however, is the one who deserves a slap. Sorry, lady, but adopted children are just as loved as birth children. That was a nasty comment to make, and you did it right in front of Faye. For someone who has aspersions, poorly played.

Mr Spoke said...

Tvor is right and Frosty was right in that Craig suddenly being a smoker is totally random How can a fire start inside a pub from a cigarette butt thrown outside also? More plot holes than my grandad's vest.

Dilly Daydream said...

Abbyk, agree with you about Sally, she totally deserves a slap. What a nasty piece of work she was on Friday! She has reverted to the slapper she was when she first arrived on the street all those years ago (if anyone else remembers) - Sally Seddon was a real bike in those days.

Anonymous said...

Wow-Jamaica's got nothing on Weatherfield - everyone turning up nice and brown. Sally, David, Tina, Katy, Tim

Anonymous said...

Would love to have the franchise of the tanning salon doing the Corrie crew - I remember when Sally first arrived talk about kettle black - there seems to be something missing at the moment in the story lines lets hope it will get sorted...


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