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Friday 9 August 2013

Who's the daddy? Will DNA test reveal all?

There's a Coronation Street spoiler in today's Daily Star that says David Platt will plan a DNA test on Kylie's baby after Kylie gives birth next month.

The Star says that the baby girl will be called Lily, and David confides in Tina that he's going to have a DNA test done on the baby, without Kylie's knowledge.

Tina asks: "So you're going to have a DNA test on you and Lily?"

David replies: "Yes, all I need to do is post it off, and a couple of days later I'll get a letter back saying whether I'm her dad or not. If I'm not then we know who is."

This fan is left wondering if when Nick recovers (as we know he must) he'll lose any memory of his night with Kylie.  Then the baby could turn out to be Nick's, who won't remember a thing about it and David will keep the secret to himself, bringing up baby Lily as his own.  Lily will in due course find out the truth about Nick being her dad rather than David after she spots a family resemblance and a liking for olives. Then, in 16 years time there'll be a showdown on the Street as Lily runs up the ginnel after an argument with "uncle" Nick and he shouts at her: "I'm not your daddy!" and she yells back, 'Stenders-style, "You are!".

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John McE said...

Oh dear, the thought of sixteen more years of that conniving little brat fills me with horror. I'd really like David to get his comeuppance well before then.

Joseph said...

Is it wrong that I actually find that story idea kinda awesome? Even if I do want the kid to be David's offspring.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's a soap so it can't be that straightforward. Perhaps the test shows that David is 'highly likely' to be the father but that doesn't satisfy him. He becomes convinced that as they are half-brothers, Nick's dna will be very close. He then sets about getting some hair from Nick while he lies in a coma.

Tvor said...

I have no spoilers but I have a pretty good feeling that Nick will have some memory loss for awhile and your speculation, at least about the dna test and David keeping the results to himself sounds very likely

Anonymous said...

Thank the gods this hasn't been done before - I was getting worried.

Scott Willison said...

I'd love the baby to be David's, so his reign of terror was all for nothing.

Although my real hope was David would NEVER find out about Nick until about, ooh, 2024, when his daughter suddenly needs a kidney transplant and BOOM! it all comes out.

Ingrid Ransome said...

In 16 years time I shall be nearly 83 and probably dead!

Frosty the Snowman said...

so David is 'confiding in Tina' again after she blabbed her mouth last time - yeah right makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The babe will turn out to be David's and he's all happy families again but - Nick will turn into 'Dick Dastardly' and cause all sorts of trouble for David.

Anonymous said...

I hope the father is david but i have a feeling it is Nick!!


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