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Monday 26 August 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 26 August 2013

So it's Bank Holiday and the rivalry is about to begin between Anna and Sally. Anna is having a barbecue but Sally is having a garden party. Sophie is understandably embarrassed by Tim and Sally's show of affection. It seems Sally is attracted to a man in stripes as she tells Tim he looks gorgeous in his stripey shirt as it accentuates his shape.

Sophie tells her mother that rain will fall but Sally says, 'I don't even care if it's a monsoon; this garden party is going ahead.' Of course Sally is being absurdly snobbish about her garden party, but she is kidding no one but herself with her pretentiousness. Why do it Sally? You look ridiculous, as does anyone who claims to be what they're not. People are much more likeable, whoever they are, when they are themselves.

The playing out of Sally's snobbery does provide some comedy, though parts of it descend into farce. Sally wanders around with a cake-stand and as Rita tells her how nice the table looks, Sally informs us of the effect she is trying to create - retro-chic it seems is her plan, with an air of the village fete. 'It might be in Weatherfield but some of us are looking at the stars.' Not sure what Oscar Wilde would have thought about a version of his words appearing on the Street, but I'm pretty sure he would have been honoured. While Sally is cooking prawns, next door Anna is defrosting burgers. Dolly Parton for Anna and Susan Boyle for Sally. At least Tim wasn't wearing a joke apron. Anyone else troubled by Owen's apron cleavage and accompanying tassels?

Steve wasn't happy with the prawns, Michelle called that 'cheese thing - rank.' Wonder what the truth is about the halloumi surprise. Sally continues her 'better than next door' competition by blasting out Katherine Jenkins and saying how she loves opera. No problem with anyone loving opera, but it's the using it to impress that is so objectionable. Sally is so much more personable when she says that at her age she just wants someone who is nice. Rita thinks Sally and Tim are well-suited, but Tim did spend rather a long time at Anna's, but his daughter Faye was there. Michelle did her best to point out to Sally that looking longingly across the fence might come across as being a little too needy. Michelle says, ' You know when you see a dog in a window waiting for its owner to get home...'

The arguing over the bottle of tomato sauce with both Anna and Sally grabbing it and refusing to let go, was just ridiculous really, not even slightly amusing. When you think of Deirdre's brilliant lines recently, it does look poor at an attempt to create comedy. And anyway, where was the wonderful Deirdre? Not at either barbecue, which was a big disappointment. We didn't see her with Eileen either, who attended neither barbecue. Poor Julie - doing her best to cheer her sister up, she was having no luck. Nothing she suggested by way of Bank Holiday fun was of any interest. Though a search for the next Rhianna would not be everybody's idea of fun. Still, there was no need for Eileen's request in the pub for 'a body bag for my sister.'

Welcome to baby Lily and well done Kylie. So, whoever is the daddy, Lily is Gail's grandchild. So what now David? What an escape David had as he was just on the point of confessing to Leanne, forced into it of course by Tina. No question - he had to go.

Leanne's angst about whether she was to blame for the crash was heartbreaking, so convinced she was that it was her phone call that caused the crash.

Welcome back Roy and Hayley, but Sylvia has gone to her sister's, Roy's Auntie Jean. Rather poignantly, Roy says that, 'Whenever things get difficult, she turns her back.'

Not everyone is a fan of Mary, but when she and Norris come into the cafe, Mary asks for 'a cheery disposition.' He has obviously found it difficult being 'roomies' with Mary, though he tells us that he has had 'the pleasure of Mary morning, noon and night' to which Jenna responds, 'Oh aye?'
Mary explains that Norris is despondent today because he has been invited to neither barbecue whereas she has been invited to both. 'Two coffees and an iced finger. Norris will pay.' And off she goes.  

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Peter @peterprandradio on Twitter said...

I know what you mean about the sauce argument, but I quite liked it, although if you watch in super slo-mo as I have just done, you can see Tim and Owen not really trying to break the women up - obviously [part of the storyline, but their inability to do so meant the scene lost some of its realism. Just caught a glimpse of Sally's stuntwoman as they fell over.

Slightly odd NO-ONE at either BBQ answered Gail when she announced the birth.

Kylie's exertions before the baby came reminded me of Fiz's facial contortions when she gave birth to Bob Hope during the LIVE ep in December 2010.

Why can't Chesney have Katy AND Sinead?! I think that would be a great storyline... How about, Katy on Mondays, Sinead on Fridays, and half an ep on Wednesdays?!

Sorry to say, and this will make me more unpopular than Sally's cheese thingy, but disappointed to see Roy and Hayley back. I'm not that keen on either of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. When David was on the phone to the midwife, in answer to a question, he said Kylie was 37 weeks pregnant. Christmas night was 35 weeks ago. If he's right about the date, then the baby couldn't be Nick's.
Also, a DNA test of the baby will divulge nothing, without tests of David and Nick, who both have to consent.

Anonymous said...

Sally equates Katherine Jenkins with opera! Perfect! Another appropriate choice from whoever is in charge of music selection on Corrie.

Rosie L said...

Sally's definition of opera would be Katherine Jenkins!

Frosty the Snowman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
John McE said...

All soap births are overdone, but given that Kylie has already had one child, this one seemed particularly ludicrous. So doubled up by the first sign of a contraction that she couldn't even make it to the back door to call for help. Puhlease!

NZ Coro Junkie said...

Anonymous ar 2:47. Have you not done the whole baby thing?

Weeks start running from the date of last period, which tend to be two weeks approx before date of possible conception. Weird I know. And disturbing if couple were not within same vicinity at Date 0, but that's the way it goes.

Anyway, if Christmas was date of conception and it was 35 weeks ago, then not surprising if Kylie is 37 weeks.

Nanny Pearce said...

Whatever it was another preposterous soap birth all over in 20 minutes with no blood anywhere and Gail grinning like a loon delivering it. and SHUT UP Tina, does this woman ever stop shouting her demands, even when someone's wife is having a baby. Gah!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a little tired of the self-righteous Tina.

Anonymous said...

If the babe was conceived on Xmas night, then she would be premature and would have to go to hospital. If the baby were Nick's she wouldn't be due until next month.

The best part of the 'garden party' was Rita getting sloshed and then staggering her way out the door. Katie/Chesney/Sinead - can this not come to an end soon?

What's with Sophie? Isn't it about time she was gone? Her giving her mom advise on relationships - how ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'd really love to know who decided to make Tina the moral police! Gawd, why doesn't she mind her own business! Are we all supposed to end up hating her by the time she leaves?

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Who cares about all the flipping details of conception and number of weeks and blah, blah, blah. This is a soap, the baby will be conceived and born according to storyline, not reality or medicine.

How could the Windasses possibly acknowledge anyone else's baby when they are so obsessed with themselves? And really, does anyone on the Street care about Gail and her brood? I'm not surprised that no one commented. Also not surprised that Michelle was being such a miserable cow.

Newfy Pearl said...

Sally was always known for the fishsticks and something else .... so why was Anna the one serving frozen items. For some reason I thought Anna would have been more on the ball. Isn't she all about feeding her family and work at a cafe? I think the writers took liberties with this part of the did not make sense. I did like when Michelle told Sally she looked like a dog waiting for its master to come home...pathetic. lol

Anonymous said...

We care about the "flipping details" because this storyline revolves around the paternity of this baby, making the date of conception crucial. The writers have to follow the rules of this game if they expect the viewers to play along, so the number of weeks matter, for believability and accuracy.

dave said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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