Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gary's Army Diaries - TV Edition

Corrie Extra: Gary's Army Diaries aired on ITV2 last night with 10-15 minutes extra footage than the online specials. It featured scenes of Gary moving into Izzy's house, and Izzy discovering the camera.

The TV edition focused even more on how the events of the diary affected Gary, and how the horrors of war may never leave him. The scenes of the roadside bomb still manage to make my blood run cold.

I hope the British Soap Awards add an award for best online drama, because this would win without a doubt.

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Anonymous said...

I think the writers should figure out how to show Gary's CO that video. Then maybe he could get reinstated. I can't figure why the Army didn't take PTSD into account. I wonder if guys in the real army are treated so badly when they get back home .....

~JB in Canada

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