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Tuesday 7 April 2015

Mad Men meets Weatherfield - for the final time

The final series of Mad Men starts this week on Sky Atlantic at 10pm (Thursday 9 April 2015) so it's time to dust off the Mad Men meets Weatherfield blog post..

I love the joys of Mad Men and have spotted some similarities between the characters from Madison Avenue and those of Coronation Street.  So here we go with my take on Mad Men, Weatherfield-style.

Roger Sterling is Ken Barlow. He's a ladies man through and through, hides behind his newspaper and no-one's quite sure what  he does all day long.

Don Draper is Kevin Webster.  Both alpha males, these two brush up a treat after a hard day at work.

Peggy Olson is Hayley Cropper. Neither of them were ready to settle for prescribed gender roles and strike out on their own to do their thing. And both had a secret son.

Joan Harris is Julie Carp, Corrie's very own sweater girl.  These are the women you want on your side if you've got something to sort. 

What's to say with these two?  Pete Campbell is Nick Tilsley. Both have a face that deserve a thousand slaps.

And finally, the belle of the ball meets the blonde bombshell of bedlam. Betty Draper is Sally Webster. All sweetness and light on the surface but woe betide any man who messes with these ladies.

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Anonymous said...

On the head! Great post. Everyone, even soap characters (and I include Mad Men as a soap) has a look-a-like somewhere.

Tvor said...

Spot on!!!

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is a joke , the US show Mad Men the characters have class and have better looks than those on Coronation street, the people on coronation st, talk and behave as if they live in the slums.

Anonymous said...

The show mad men characters are all goodlooking with class, in coronation street the characters are mediocre to look at and act like they live in the slums.

Lateboomer said...

I must've missed this first time around - but since my husband is such a fan of Mad Men and me of Corrie, I had to put it on my Facebook wall!

Absolutely brilliant parallels!

Anonymous said...

"Joan Harris is Julie Carp, Corrie's very own sweater girl. These are the women you want on your side if you've got something to sort."

Er, yes, as recent events have shown, Julie is very much someone to rely on - not!!!

Glenda Young said...

To be fair though, this original post was written 2 years ago :-)
Just goes to show how much a character can change on Corrie.

Tvor said...

We may have to rethink Don Draper, too but I still say Julie is perfect for Joan

Glenda Young said...

Yes I did wonder about redoing the Don Draper :)

Anonymous said...

Kevin Webster is an alpha male!!!! Best laugh I had in ages. More like the missing link with knuckles dragging on the ground.

Tvor said...

Tyrone certainly cleans up well but he's not really very dynamic to be Don Draper. But then, neither is Kevin. Maybe Peter Barlow could take the reins on that one? Peter's a lady chaser, drinks like a fish and smokes, just like Don...and he's cute....I think it works.

Anonymous said...

Coronation Street has no alpha males.
That is rather the point.


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