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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Corrie Weekly Awards for April 5 - 9

All-round Gold Star performances: Audrey and Rita, old friends falling out and dragging up all their history. Fantastic stuff!

Wrong move, mate, award: Gold Star: Ryan tried to snog Sophie, his ex's best mate.
Silver Star: Leanne for scotching Peter's surprise proposal (but she redeemed herself with her own proposal!)

Indiscreet award: Gold Star: Telling Michelle it all needs to be a secret... across the bar during busy dinnertime. Yeah that works.

Cutest kid award: Gold Star: Still Simon!

If you're not going to eat that award: Fishy star: The kittens!!!

Lines of the Week:

Graeme to Norris: "You've never forgiven me for that 'crack hoe' remark!"
Rita to Audrey: "Someone's left their manners at the door." Audrey: "Manners gone. Gloves off"
Norris: "I'm the comfy pair of slippers to his patent brogues"
Leanne: "There's only two things that Peter's addicted to. Booze and Birds. And if he's not drinking..."
Audrey: "I can't stand around all day talking about heroin"
Michelle: "I just love it when people accuse me of being loose. It really puts a spring in me step" (and if an ex-prostitute thinks *you're* loose, then your reputation precedes you)

And a Fashion Don't for the week: Neck scarf? Not even skulls are going to make you cool, Colin. Fail!


gadgee said...

Aww I'd forgotten about the kittens. They're dead cute.

Anonymous said...

Yes thank you for posting a pic of the kittens they were adorable!

Anonymous said...

That Colin ex-colleague of John Stape is creepy. What profession is he supposed to be going to? I missed it.

Tvor said...

I don't think he said yet, but yes, he is creepy and he's a prat.

seapenguin said...

The neck scarf is definitely gross - but what about the 'tache??!!

Yoork said...

Colin's how getup was so pompous!

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