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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending 5 March 2021

Many people took up many different activities during lockdown back in the day.  But a wreath making class tends to be at the less believable end of the spectrum.  And why make one at the end of February?  For Christmas to hang on the front door maybe - but it just felt absurd!

Disappointingly the covid rules must have intervened as when Paul announced that Ed and Aggie had a couples Zumba class at 7 pm I had assumed we were going to have a delightfully humourous few minutes as the pair zumba'd for us, presumably in the Community Centre.  I just struggle to believe that either of them are into zumba; any more than I believe that Ty is in to yoga for anything other than looking at all the attractive young things in their leotards - which even he has realised is dangerous territory!

Nina has just referred to "her and Aadi" and then admits that Roy wants to correct her English to "She and Aadi" because he is a stickler and the world does need sticklers.  Roy also laments the loss of "literally", even on the Today programme.  Nina then poses the above question about crying buckets.  They then agree that Nina will mind the caff whilst Roy goes out to se Nigel and she prompts "Winner winner" with Roy eventually responding "chicken dinner".

Jonathan Harvey popped up on Wednesday and had the job of getting Daniel and Paul to gel.  Out of it we suddenly saw the Paul that has been missing recently.  He cannot hang cupboard doors and when offered a brew wants a a spoonful of manuka honey and a dash of cinnamon - which took Daniel aback.  Anyway as Paul is moving in I really look forward to more exchanges between the two as Paul managed to wind Daniel up in about 2 seconds flat.

Seconds later Mary was recalling a story of her past and name dropped Spielberg - on which Dev called her out - turns out it was Reenie Spielberg - a completely different Spielberg.

I am going to gloss over owls and their mating calls - but I am worried about the competence of Fiz as a mother who does not clean the children's room often enough to prevent a banana turning into a stick of liquorice.  Those girls are too young to clean their own rooms!

Tyrone.  Spreadsheets?  No I don't believe it.  Anyway I want a word with Tyrone.  Do you recall Molly?  You know the girl to whom you were engaged (like you are with Fiz)?  Molly who took up running with you boss Kev?  Molly and Kev who took part in competitive runs away from home and shared a hotel room to keep the costs down?  Molly who then had Jack before a tram dropped on her head?  Do you notice any resemblances between the foregoing and you helping Alina with her spreadsheets or taking yoga classes with you?  Do you think Fiz would approve you helping Alina with her spreadsheets in her flat with no-one else present?  After all we all know that no-one can ever just be friends in Coronation Street these days as it is apparently banned.  Luckily whilst we are in covid lockdown you can't do anything because you have to stay 2 metres apart!

Which just about wraps it up for me this week.

Written by: Mark Wadlow & Nessah Muthy (Monday); Carmel Morgan & Jonathan Harvey (Wednesday); Ella Greenhill & Steven Fay (Friday)
Directed by: Vicky Thomas (Monday & Wednesday); Peter Rose (Friday)


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Anonymous said...

Wow, someone is really showing their age today! I was forced to clean my room at the age of 7-8, and Ruby's turning 9/10 this year, while Hope is turning 11. Definitely old enough to clean.

During the lockdown, I learnt Orienteering, which I still play to this day, and I did HIIT training, cooked a gourmet dinner and many new things that I normally would not do. But because I had time and had a bout of 'why not'. Who say these characters could not do it either? :)


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