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Friday, 12 March 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street, Friday 12 March

Friday 12th March 2021

ASHA PUSHES THINGS TOO FAR Asha can feel Nina slipping away so plans to surprise her with a night away in a hotel. Presuming it’s Nina rushing things, Dev confronts Nina, letting slip Asha’s plans. Nina gently explains to Asha that she’s not ready for a sexual relationship and suggests they should revert back to being just mates. Devastated, Asha suggests to Kelly and Summer that they buy some pills and get wasted. Kelly persuades a reluctant Simon to sell her a couple of pills. Asha and Summer are horrified to find Kelly unresponsive having taken one of the pills.  

SIMON GETS HIMSELF IN DEEPER Simon’s horrified when Jacob reveals how he rips off Harvey, the big boss, by stealing a few drugs and selling them separately. Bunging Simon a few quid to keep schtum, Jacob heads out. Harvey approaches Simon and reveals he knows Jacob’s ripping him off and wonders if he knew anything about it. Simon’s terrified.

TRACY FEELS CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE Steve apologises to Peter for presuming he’d been drinking and encouraging Carla to leave him. Peter points out he’s supposed to be a mate. Ken tells Tracy that one more foot wrong from Steve, they can find somewhere else to live.

ELSEWHERE Abi lays the law down and tells Kevin it’s a no to Debbie’s wedding venue. 

Friday 12th March 2021 

LEANNE IS DETERMINED TO SAVE HER SON Simon assures Harvey he’s never stolen from him and knew nothing about Jacob’s scam. Harvey asserts in that case, he’s earned himself a promotion. A desperate Simon tells Harvey he wants out, but pointing out he still owes him £2k, Harvey says he’ll do as he’s told or end up in hospital like Jacob. Simon tells Leanne about Harvey. Leanne reaches a decision and says they’ve no choice but to go to the police. But as they head out they hear about Kelly. In panic, Simon insists they can’t go to the police now as he sold the pills. Appalled, Leanne tells Simon she’ll meet Harvey and sort this.

ASHA FEARS SHE’S DRIVEN NINA FURTHER AWAY The girls call an ambulance, will Kelly be ok? Dev arrives at the hospital and is horrified when Asha reveals that Kelly took a pill. Dev marches into the cafe and accuses Nina of having something to do with Kelly’s drug taking. Nina explains that she and Asha split up, she knows nothing about drugs and he should go easy on Asha as she’s clearly upset. Will Asha open up to Dev?

RONNIE BRINGS TROUBLE TO THE BAILEYS DOOR Ed arrives home drunk after his evening with Ronnie. James reveals that Aggie called and was unimpressed that he was out with Ronnie. Ed shrugs that Aggie’s always had a downer on Ronnie but he’s missed his brother.

ELSEWHERE Kevin breaks the news to Debbie that they won’t be holding their wedding at her hotel. 

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Anonymous said...

Don't Steve and Tracy own the house, perhaps they should be telling Ken and Peter to get out. I certainly would

Anonymous said...

No. They don't. Ken pulled out of the sale. Ken calls the shots here

Fluttershy said...

When Kelly bought the drugs from Simon, it was snowing, she'd changed out of her big puffa jacket with the furry collar into a denim crop jacket with the world's shortest skirt. No wonder she ended up in Ospikul before the episode ended. Perhaps they can stitch her eyebrow back together while she's in there?


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