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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 24th March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Leanne's seemingly simple slide into drug dealing (instead of Simon's ‘county lines’ story) could be a result of the covid-19 filming restrictions or maybe a result of the production break. However it's come about, you can always guarantee incredible performances from Jane Danson, whatever situation Leanne finds herself in. Tonight is no different. Harvey pays Leanne a visit to drop off a package for delivery, and she’s decided to dress up as a nurse to avoid any kind of police detection. Leaving the flat together, Toyah spies Harvey and assuming Leanne is having an affair, she confides in Imran and tells Nick what she saw.

Later on, Leanne arrives back in Weatherfield via the tram stop, only to be stopped by a pedestrian who thinks she’s a real nurse and seeks her assistance with a collapsed man. The man later dies, and feeling the full force and pressure of dealing, Leanne refuses another job offer from Harvey, who again visits her. Confused by Leanne’s behaviour, Nick pays a visit to the flat at the same time. Harvey hides away but Nick spots his jacket and Leanne tells her boyfriend to leave. She then heads out to another drugs deal but diverts to a police station instead to seek help, and is duly arrested instead!

Meanwhile, Natasha tells David about how pleased she is that Sam has been accepted into the Platt clan. David offers her some advice and on hearing this, Natasha tells Nick how she feels about him but is rebuffed. She decides to kick him out of their shared home. David apologises to his brother and offers him a shoulder to drink on. 

Cathy never did seem like an online troll so it makes sense that Brian would carry the guilt, but does he deserve the backlash? The Kabin has been blacklisted by the residents and Cathy and Brian are now the street’s pariahs. At Bernie’s insistence, the couple decides to visit The Rovers Return to face the music only for Brian to be immediately barred by a furious Jenny! Later, Steve heads into The Kabin and tells Brian he will get Tracy to cool-off with the anger. 

Tyrone has trouble making amends with Fiz tonight after that stolen kiss with Alina, and now the whole street knows about it. Tyrone confesses the truth to Kevin, whilst a vengeful and humiliated Fiz is soon out on the street and confronts her love rival. I did envisage some sort of reenactment of Eileen and Gail’s legendary street fight but I’ll settle for a sit-down confrontation at Roy’s Rolls. Fiz may have mellowed but she still hints at violent repercussions if Alina doesn't leave Tyrone alone, and Alina is teary-eyed by the end of it. Later, Fiz and Ty try a reconciliation meal at Speed Daal but it’s clear that gossip is rife and Sally is as subtle as ever. Fiz is reluctant to forgive and Tyrone seems confused. Is there more to come in this storyline?

Less interesting is Sean and Daisy doubling up as double glammy sales team! The equally vacuous pair are full of promise and have gelled together quickly. Hearing news of their successful online seminar, Rhydian is quick to offer Sean a viewing of a Redbank flat that's up for rent. Taking him up on the offer, Sean tells Eileen he is moving out. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Kelly asks Imran if he and Toyah would be her foster parents. 

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Jan said...

We never got to see how Leanne managed to wear Aggie’s dress without it looking far too big as she very conveniently hid it under her coat.
Speaking of convenience will Leanne get to languish unseen in prison so that Jane Danson can have some time off?

Anonymous said...

So now that Nick was honest with Natasha,I bet Nick will be disallowed to spend time with Sam and of course move in Gail's house.

cubwriter said...

Will Mellor is one hot guy. There's chemistry between Harvey and Leanne. Sadly, it is a dead end story. Time to rethink it!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I think Will Mellor's Harvey is the best villain they've had since Pat Phelan. He's truly horrid.
Will's subtle, yet direct - that's what makes Harvey work well.
Ex army guy Gary can be kind sometimes, Ray was a smooth operator but bad in business, and that silly Steptoe look- alike Mick was like something out of a kid's comic!


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