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Monday, 1 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 1st March

Simon approaches Sam to tell him that he needs his bag back and oh, his threatening to set a fellow drug dealer alight was all just a laugh. I often say to my pals that I'm going to burn them to death for a lol (over Zoom). Just think: Sam was having a lovely life with Natasha, playing with his Junior Astronomy kit and getting A*s in his tests and then he finds out who his dad is and he's dragged into murky storylines with  his step(?)brother(?) and he's soon attacking another kid at school. He definitely shouldn't take Simon as a role model (started off cute, now dealing drugs out of a chippy). Nick confronts Simon and bans him from seeing Sam whilst Leanne finds the bag and the cocaine. Simon 'fesses up but says he has to sell pills to put bread on t'table. Leanne order him to stop and Simon tells her that he owes money and that the higher up dealers will kill him if he goes to the po-po. Is Simon the Jesse to Jacob's Heisenberg?

There's drugs ahoy on the gaol set as well as the only other prisoner, Kai, finds out someone else is dealing drugs. He decides this person is Johnny, because he's seen pills in the cell, which seems like taking 2 and 2 and making 56. He attacks Johnny in his cell, to Jenny's horror when she comes to one of the many, many visiting hours at HMP Weatherfield. He tells Jenny he hasn't been taking his meds because he likes seeing Aidan. God, I wish either Johnny's sentence or this storyline was over.

Nina's going bat-watching with Roy and turns down Asha's suggestion that she comes with. Amy sprags up Asha, telling Nina that Ash thinks she's gone off her. Asha's with a sophisticated older woman now, Amy, she doesn't need this schoolgirl stuff! Anyway, Nina tells Asha that she hasn't gone off her, they just need to do different things. Like me and my boyfriend, I watch Behind Her Eyes on Netflix and then he watches Black Lightning on Netflix.

Tim offers to give the assets Geoff left him to Yasmeen. This seems sensible; if the debts were in Geoff's name, then when his estate went through probate then the sale of the assets would clear the money owed. Alya, though, goes into overdrive, chucking all of Geoff's belongings onto Sally and Tim's front garden. Mind the petunias, Al!

Paul complains to Edison that he is shattered because he's living with 5 kids, which is fair enough, if he hadn't moved into a house with 5 kids (and I imagine Gemma's whispers are everyone else's roars). Later, after seeing him make a mess of Daniel's kitchen cupboards, Ed offers Paul an apprenticeship - is a space on the sofa the next step and then popping into James's bedroom? I think they'd make a cute couple (Paul being the mature one in a relationship for a change) and I can foresee a storyline whereby they're getting on well and then Billy finds out about Todd's machinations and apologises to Paul only to find out his ex has moved on to a younger model.

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Jan said...

As much as have sympathy for what Yasmeen has been through I am getting sick of seeing her miserable face, it seems that nobody can do anything right for her.

Anonymous said...

I also think Paul &James would make a cute couple.


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