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Friday, 19 March 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 19 March

Friday 19th March 2021

ALINA GIVES IN TO TEMPTATION As Alina shows Emma and Seb the gift she’s bought for Tyrone as a thank you for fixing her car, Seb watches her wistfully. Emma urges him to tell her how he feels. Alina reluctantly agrees to lunch, where she steals herself and admits to Seb that she’s in love with someone else. Seb’s crushed. Tyrone finds an upset Alina in the gardens. When Alina confesses she’s fallen for him, Tyrone’s overwhelmed. Tyrone returns home, his head in a spin, to find Fiz and Adam waiting. Adam advises that since they’re not married, it’s important they make a will. When Fiz suggests they could just get married, Tyrone slaps the idea down. Guilty, he apologises, explaining that when they get married it should be romantic, not a legal formality. Tyrone meets with Alina and apologises for his reaction earlier. They agree to forget about it. An excited Fiz confides in Chesney that she’s booked a surprise for Tyrone; a wedding in Greece.

AGGIE FIGHTS FOR HER MARRIAGE Michael tells Grace that their baby is doing fine and it’s time they put the past behind them and looked to the future. When Ronnie calls round with gifts for the baby, Ed orders him to stay away from his family. Aggie wishes she could return home to see Ed face to face but can’t risk it due to her aunt’s diagnosis. In the hospital, a worried Michael tells Ed they’ve had to put the baby back on a ventilator as she was struggling to breathe. When Ronnie offers to buy Michael a car as he’ll be back and forth to the hospital, Ed’s forced to bite his tongue.

TRACY DRIVES CATHY TO DISTRACTION Cathy offers her fundraising services to Tracy but she cuts her dead. Angered by Tracy’s comments, Cathy posts her own views online about Steve and Tracy’s fundraising efforts. Steve’s upset to read comments online suggesting that he and Tracy are syphoning money from Oliver’s fund. Having pinpointed the troll, ‘Lemon Drop’, Amy vows revenge. When Cathy overhears Amy telling Asha about the online trolls and how upset her Dad is, she feels terrible

ELSEWHERE As Natasha returns from London, Nick’s disappointed to realise his time with Sam has come to an end. He asks Leanne about moving back in but he’s hurt when Leanne insists it’s too soon. Tim’s made up to be asked to be chief usher at Kevin and Abi’s wedding. At Sam’s suggestion, Natasha tells Nick he’s welcome to stay with them. Nick’s grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Where on earth would Fiz get the money for a wedding in Greece? Why would Leeanne tell Nick "it's too soon" to move back into his own flat? Makes absolutely no sense. I really wish Leeanne and Yasmeen would get the proper counselling they are both in dire need of.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I understand Natasha is going to fall for Nick again. So, that makes it: Billy/Paul/Todd; Nick/Natasha/Leanne; Tyrone/Fiz/Alina; Carla/Peter/Lucas. Audrey and Elaine are a similar age so they will quite possibly go after the same man.

C in Canada said...

@Anon - Leanne told Nick that because she's running drugs for Simon and doesn't want Nick involved. You are right though, both Leanne and Yasmeen need some serious therapy.
And Fiz booking a wedding in Greece is ridiculous - they were panicking about having to pay Gary back $600 for the stolen furniture, and I'm sure a trip to Greece is way more than that!

Defrost Indoors said...

Don't Fiz and Tyrone still owe Gary hundreds of pounds?


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