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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Ben Price interview - Can Nick rescue Leanne?

Throughout Leanne’s grief she’s pushing Nick further and further away, how's he coping?

I think he’s confused but he understands the trauma of losing Oliver, she’s hurting and it's a very difficult time. He wants to help her, he loves her, but at the end of the day he accepts she needs space and he can’t dictate how long it takes for Leanne to come to terms with her grief.

He’s let Leanne have the flat but finds himself living with Natasha, can you explain how that works?

He squares that because it’s for Sam’s benefit, there genuinely is nothing going on for Nick with Natasha he just has a lot of catching up to do with Sam. There’s nothing in it for him. 

There may be nothing in it for Nick, but do you think there is anything in it for Natasha?

Yes, I mean how can she resist (laughs). It’s not like it was, I think she’s wary, but Nick has proved that he is prepared to step up and he’s not going anywhere and I think that stability appeals to her. 

Leanne’s not happy about Nick’s living arrangements, how does Nick react when she brings this up?

It’s his flat that’s the irony! I mean when he moved in with Sam, Natasha wasn’t there, that’s the point, he was looking after Sam and he’s always supported Simon so he feels she should understand he now needs to step for his son.

We know there’s a lot more going on for Leanne and Simon, does Nick have any idea?

No not at all, he just thinks her grief is the reason she’s pushing him away.

It’s Toyah that first spots Leanne with Harvey and tells Nick, he then gets to visit and spots a man’s jacket in the flat, how does Nick feel?

I didn’t want to play it as a super jealousy because I think she’s in a really tough place and it’s not up to Nick to be the one making accusations, especially as he doesn’t really know what’s going on. It really hurts but he’s not angry, he’s older, he’s been through these emotions with Carla and Peter and he’s seen what it did to them.

So is Nick prepared to play the long game to win Leanne back?

She just needs to know he loves her and he’s there for her. Yes there may be a guy there but the kicking off, all the screaming, it doesn’t work and she’s just lost her child. I think it’s more interesting that Nick doesn’t react like you may expect. He is gutted but I think he understands.

At the same time Natasha lays her cards on the table with Nick, how does he deal with that? 

He’s not interested at all and he knows he just has to tell her really gently that while she likes her she’s way off mark, but then he doesn’t want to annoy Natasha because she’s the mother of his son. He can see the madness in the situation.

As an actor what would you like to see happen, do you see Nick’s future with Leanne?

As an actor I love Nick with Leanne but I think it’s a really interesting dynamic with Natasha and his son. He does not want to lose his son, he wants to do the right thing but he has to be there for his son, he doesn't want Peter’s relationship for Simon, he wants something different with his son. Ultimately I think Nick and Leanne are like Carla and Peter, they’re destined to be together.

If Nick does find out what Leanne is dealing with with Harvey do you think Nick will be there for her, to fight her corner?

Yes Nick’s in for a penny in for a pound, Nick doesn’t really know what he’s dealing with right now but he’s there, like he always is for his mum and for David, that’s Nick’s character. Peter runs away from a situation, David fights against a situation whereas I think Nick just digs in. He’s here, he knows it’s going to get really messy but he’ll stick by her, stand there and fight and do whatever needs to be done. He wants to give Leanne stability but I think he’s going to find it difficult with Simon, especially now he’s got his own son, I hope he doesn’t have to make a choice.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nick has never 'dug in' a situation,he has done a share of running too!
He ran to Canada after forcing Leanne to abort their child ,he ran again when he couldn't accept Steve as Oliver's father,Nick let David take the fall for his theft of Audrey's life savings and now that Leanne is struggling with Simon,Nick again has washed his hands of Leanne and Simon in favor of Sam and Natasha.
Whatever concern Nick may have now for Leanne and Simon is too little,too late.


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