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Friday, 19 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 19 March

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

At the Man About the House flat, Seb, the Incredible Sulk has decided he wants Alina back. As the man has about as much charm as a bad case of piles, his tactic is to her make a truly revolting sounding tripe-based lunch, tell her what he wants, and then get in a mood when she rejects him and says she has feelings for someone else. Tyrone, the oblivious object of her affections, finds her looking upset in Victoria Gardens and when he tries to comfort her, she tells him that she’s falling for him and moves in for a kiss. Confused, Tyrone says he’s with Fizz and is not interested in her. 

Over at No.3, on a tearful video call, Aggie swears to Ed that Michael is his son and that he is the love of her life. Ed is doubtful and tells her it’s changed the way he feels about her. I really hate this storyline. Obviously the writers didn’t want to go down the Aggie and Ronnie having a secret affair route, so instead we’re asked to believe that Aggie slept with Ronnie, then within three weeks slept with Ed (who just happened to be Ronnie’s brother) and didn’t think to use any contraception either time. I know condoms are about as rare as powdered unicorn horn in Weatherfield but seriously? The woman is a nurse, she must have had a vague idea how babies are made! Anyway rant over, Ed orders Ronnie to stay away from the hospital but he of course turns up just as Michael is telling Ed and James that baby Glory is struggling to breathe and is on a ventilator. When Michael tells his family that she will be kept in hospital for ten weeks Uncle/Daddy Ronnie offers to buy Michael a car.   

Back on the Street, Bernie and Cathy see Tracy unloading bags from an expensive boutique. After Tracy has another dig at Cathy, Bernie winds her up by suggesting Steve and Tracy have pocketed the money raised for Oliver. Still smarting from Tracy’s curt rejection of her fundraising efforts, Cathy posts a nasty comment on an article about Steve’s fundraising efforts. This sparks more trolling which is seen by an offended Steve and Amy. 

In other news, Natasha is back! Nick tells Leanne that he needs to move back to the flat but the cheeky mare tells him it’s too soon. C’mon Leanne it is his flat. At least let him bed down in the airing cupboard like Harry Potter. Luckily, Natasha saves him from homelessness by saying he can stay with them. Also, Tim is disappointed about not being Kevin’s best man so Abi and Kev make up a Chief Usher role for him. 

At No.9, Tyrone, head in a spin over Alina’s kiss arrives home to find Adam and Fizz discussing their assets. Adam advises that as they’re not married they definitely need to make a will. When Fizz suggests to Tyrone that they should just tie the knot, he snaps that getting married for financial reasons isn’t very romantic…before sneaking out to meet Alina at the garage. He tells Alina that he can’t stop thinking about their kiss but she says that they have to. 

Meanwhile an excitable Fizz has decided to book them a surprise romantic wedding in Greece. I can’t see this ending well, firstly because I get the feeling the groom’s heart might not be in it, and secondly because when Gary finds out they’ve swanned off to the Mediterranean instead of paying him back the money they owe him he’s likely to do something very nasty with spark-plugs that might make the wedding night impossible.  

And that's it for this week. If you think I'm overthinking Aggie's sex life, tell me to get out more in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar

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CK said...

So Leanne let Jacob stay but Nick can't come back to his flat that's he's paying for? There are so many trolls online I'm surprised Amy, Steve, and Tracy just don't ignore it and move on but I guess there's a point to the storyline I'm just not seeing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think she let Jacob stay. She had no choice. He made it perfectly clear that no was not an option.
Not the same situation with Nick. She knows she will get calls from Harvey and it'll be difficult to explain. You cannot compare the situations

Anonymous said...

The Baileys were unwatchable this week. Awful acting from the lot of them. The only good thing the Baileys had going for them was the relationship with Ed and Aggie, and now that’s been ruined for the sake of another ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline. I’m sorry but it’s time to axe this family, they’ve been on the show two years and still feel separate from the rest of the street.
Alina’s another character who's outstayed her welcome. They’ve put her in this contrived love triangle with Tyrone purely to give her something to do. I’ve never been overly keen on Fizz and Tyrone but I appreciate what they represent – they’re one of the only stable, committed family relationships on the street and they had a nice dynamic going with the girls and Evelyn. It feels like a huge mistake that they’re blowing that apart for the sake of a cheap and predictable affair storyline.
They’ve completely thrown Tyrone under a bus too. He’s always been a lovable family man and after what Kevin and Mollie did him, I don’t buy he’d ever do the same. Again, it’s just another example of plot writing character.
Are there any happy couples in Corrie at the moment? Carla and Peter, Jenny and Johnny, Paul and Billy, Leanne and Nick, Fizz and Tyrone, Aggie and Ed, Gary and Maria, Sarah and Adam… all going down the pan.
God, the show’s so depressing at the moment, every other scene takes place in a hospital bed, predictably lazy writing so many pointless characters… Alina, Daisy, the Baileys, Craig, Seb, Gemma…. get rid!


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