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Monday, 29 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 29th March

Todd moves into STAGE THREE of his evil plot. Billy is single, Paul is otherwise engaged. Next, he pulls Eileen into his pernicious plans and says he's accepted a job in Bromsgrove because Billy is upset with him and "asks" Eileen "not to tell Billy". You'd think Eileen could see through Todd after 30-odd years of him. But she berates the Arch Deacon in the street and he goes to Todd and asks him not to go. Todd gives him an ultimatum: "You can tell me to go or ask me to stay." Oh, Todd, Todd, Todd. Never issue an edict to the man of the cloth. Billy gives him not so much short shrift as miniscule shrift, he doesn't really turn the other cheek but rather yells at the Toddster in the street and later on, tells young master Grimshaw that he should leave. It's really quite amusing that all of Todd's evil deeds have come to nowt. He tries to get his own back though, telling Paul to let Billy know that he doesn't need him any more and (according to Todd), Billy will move onto some other lost lambkin. Todd also 'fesses up to Eileen tells her he is taking the non-fake job. As if!

Meanwhile, Simon lies to Nick and says that Leanne is fine and that she's seeing someone else, all in order to keep Nick away from his own flat. Has Simon been taking lessons from the master manipulator Todd? It backfires though as Nick turns up to tell Leanne he still loves her and that she must love him too; this despite Natasha telling him she wants him to stay with her and lickle Sam.

Toyah the leftie vegan goes to Costa? Surely she would patronise an independent that sells fairtrade beans and organic lattes. Mind you, Costa does vegan mylk nowadays. Toyah's been watching Classic Corrie as she remembers drinking, nicking, skiving off school and says that if she had had a better role mode, she wouldn't've gone off the rails. Long story short, they want to foster Kelly and by the end of the ep, the troubled teen has already moved in to the Habeeb-Battersby flat. I hope Im and Toy have budgeted for the extra Revlon they'll have to get from Freshco's. Also, Imran tells el Kel that he doesn't hold her responsible for her dad's manslaughter of Rana. Is putting Kelly with these two re-opening the case of the factory roof?

Ronnie goes to the hospital and asks a nurse about Glory's anaemia, mentioning that he's a carrier of sickle cell and might he as the grandad have passed it on? Michael overhears and although Ronnie pretends the nurse made a mistake, he then spills the secret that he might be Mikey's pop. Is there sommat in the water at the moment with everyone blabbing things? Please, though, please I'm begging you Iain MacLeod, please no more emosh scenes with Aggie on a phone. Get her to film at home if necessary and do some clever editing.

And finally, it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Crappy Corey is back with his lockdown buzzcut. He finds out that Nina and Asha (Nasha?) have split so asks Asha out. Urgh.

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