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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Vinta Morgan Interview: Could Ronnie Bailey be Michael’s Father?

It would have been Friday 5th of April 2019 when I first met Coronation Street's newest family. I'd been invited to ITV Coronation Street studios in Manchester to attend a press conference for this very blog, to meet the cast, and to learn more about the Bailey's. I left feeling positive about the renovated N0.3 Coronation Street and the new family unit. The Bailey's have had a slow-burning, albeit, enjoyable near two years on the show. James Bailey hid his sexuality, Ed hid a gambling problem, Aggie had a career change, and Micheal has been put through the wringer by on/off girlfriend, Grace. With the Bailey family tree now rooted, Coronation Street recently introduced Ed's brother, Ronnie to the cast. Could Ronnie be harbouring another family secret? 

I was elated to be invited to join Coronation Street's latest online press conference introducing the latest Bailey character to the street, in the shape of actor Vinta Morgan (VM) who plays him. We asked Vinta all about joining Coronation Street and becoming part of the Bailey clan; 

Q-As a London actor, you previously worked on southern centric soaps Eastenders and Doctors. Did you ever envisage landing a role on TV’s iconic Northern soap opera?  

VM- “No, not at all. I remember watching Coronation Street as a child and my parents watched it religiously. To get a chance to appear in this show is incredible, and my Mum is elated to see me in this!” 

Q-Whaŧ can you tell us about Ronnie Bailey?

VM-“He’s a bit of a maverick, navigating into the land of plenty, quite lucky, but possibly ruthless with it. A tendency to be single-minded and to go for anything that he wants. He is also charming, likes to enjoy life, and to enjoy it through his friends and family” 

Q - How are you finding working on Coronation Street, and in the middle of a national pandemic? 

VM - “Pandemic or no pandemic, working on Corrie is an absolute treat! To be part of this wonderful cast of characters is a dream come true. You have to cooperate with the pandemic procedures but still, I think we are making really good art and telling stories; everybody has been wonderful”

Q - Did you know any of the other Bailey family actors before, and had you worked with any of them, before joining Coronation Street

VM- “I have yes, I worked with Lorna Laidlaw (who plays Aggie Bailey) about 15 years ago, we had a fantastic time and wonderful chemistry”

Q - Ronnie has returned to see his brother Ed, and he's armed with a huge secret! This week, Ronnie’s wife also makes an appearance. Can you tell us more about it, why she’s returned, and what this secret is?

VM- “Yes! Well, his wife turns up from out of the blue, she seeks him out and stalks him, and we learn that she’s let him down in a bad way, Ronnie feels that their relationship is now over. It triggers something in him, which in a way is beneficial, because it allows him to come to terms with something that should be dealing with, and that’s a long-held secret. He had a relationship with Aggie, before her meeting Ed, which his brother doesn’t know about. He has checked the timelines and thinks that Michael could be Ronnie’s son! He has no other children, and has reached the age where he feels this needs to be resolved”

Q - Is it quite a selfish motive for Ronnie to suddenly decide to drop this bombshell in the family? 

VM - “I think it’s because of what happened between him and his wife, it has skewed his perspective a bit. But I think he also wants some honesty with his brother and to be finally dealing with a few demons”

Q - Is Ronnie worried that this revelation could rock Ed & Aggie’s marriage? 

VM - “I think he is unsure of that, or of how he’s going to do it. It just happens the way it does. I think Ronnie has a way of propping his brother up, cushioning him from any kind of emotional turbulence. He has a slight arrogance, maybe he thinks of this as another business transaction. However, he’s probably bitten off more than he can chew with this one!”

Q - What it would it mean to Ronnie if he found out he was Michael’s Father? 

VM - “I think it would mean the world to him. They share many resemblances in their behaviours and attitude so it would be a great fit. For him, it would be something less whimsical, and he’s yearning to be part of something like that, that’s stable and secure. He wouldn’t want to miss out on being a grandfather either if he was Michael’s father” 

Q - Were you aware of the impact The Bailey family have made upon joining Coronation Street? It was featured in The New York Times, and Washington Post?

VM -” Yes, it’s monumental! I was aware when the family joined and I watched a few youtube videos of the cast and of them joining the street. It’s beautiful to see the representation on screen”

Q-This week, we continue to see a continuing chapter of the racism storyline that’s emerging and Ronnie gets caught up in a bit of it. Can you explain what happens to him when he goes to Grace’s aid? 

VM- “Well, Grace is heavily pregnant and goes off to get some balloons and party stuff for a baby shower. She happens upon a nasty security guard who racially profiles her in-store and decides she’s doing something shifty or shoplifting. He then locks her up in his security guard office and she ends up having a massive panic attack. Ronnie comes to her aid and arrives with her at the hospital. He then calms her down and seeing the security guard again, he tells him where to get off!”

Q - Do you think its important that Coronation Street highlights such issues? 

VM - “Yes I think its good! I mean this is a fantastic opportunity. Corrie is beamed into millions of homes during the week, and it allows people to see how these things may / do happen and of course people may not be aware. The awareness is important and to be part of this conversation gives them a greater perspective and understanding of it” 


So, what are we thinking about this new addition to the Bailey family? Could Ronnie be Michael’s Dad? Could Aggie & Ed’s marriage crumble with the revelations? 

The Corrie team weren’t giving anything away at this press conference, so we best keep watching to find out! 

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