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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 3rd March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

With last week’s comedic funeral farce over, and the Gail and Eileen feud re-ignited, it does seem, and as I have mentioned in previous episode reviews, that George Shuttleworth is to become more than a recurring character on Coronation Street.  Does this mean we can expect some character deaths in 2021?  Yasmeen’s health has taken a particular hammering since Geoff’s death debt has left her drowning in bills. Consumed with guilt from receiving all of his father’s assets, Tim has signed everything back over, but still, the Community Centre is for sale. 

Tonight, George tells Roy that he’s thinking of buying it and turning it into a funeral parlour. What with the solicitors & florists in close situ, it’s easy to see why! However, the way Yasmeen is going, she might be his first customer! Receiving a CCJ letter over the debts, she has an almighty breakdown at Speed Daal, locks herself in number 6, and has a panic attack! The overdubbed sound of a panicked heartbeat, surreal imagery, and Geoff’s maniacal laugh are all present, and it’s what we’ve come to expect in this ongoing storyline. Will Yasmeen sell the community centre to George? I imagine so. Being back in the hospital, Yasmeen’s got other things on her mind so I guess a quick sale is on the cards. 

It’s Dev’s birthday tonight and the twins have a surprise party to arrange. As usual, Asha is sidetracked with romance, and Nina decides not to entertain a family party when they’ve been together for such a short period. Asha is upset and looking out for his sister, Adi warns Nina to not hurt her. Too late though as Asha declares love for her girlfriend. Nina is already wobbling and confides in Roy. Are these two over before they’ve even begun?  

Leanne is still struggling with Oliver’s death and Simon’s latest bad behaviour only seems to be worsening her temperament. Admittedly, Nick is also giving her a wide berth after Sam’s upset so he sends Toyah over to do his bidding. As a counsellor, I’m unsure as to why Toyah isn’t helping her sister out with her grief management, but, Leanne certainly needs someone on her side. After a predictable row and a few home truths from both sides, Toyah walks out. With Toyah and Nick now both out of the picture, Simon brings Jacob back to the flat for cans and chips so I guess she’s on her own now!

Daisy arranges a date for Jenny. I’m still unsure as to who Daisy is, but, I must say I like her attitude when it comes to Jenny and Johnny’s relationship. These days those two are about as suited for each other as Carla and Peter! Jenny turns down the date, gives Daisy a dressing down, and immediately jumps on the prison phone to Johhny. She tells him he needs to take his medicine and stop messing about with the hallucinations. He does it.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Paul moves into Daniel’s flat, and Mary’s am-dram surely needs a spin-off series!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree there could be a possible death on the Street which would make George a higher profile character. It could be either Peter or Johnny. I'm no longer bothered whether Peter stays or leaves. However, Johnny's death would make a terrific storyline for Jenny, who would then be the young widowed landlady of the Rovers. Sally Ann Matthews has a wonderful range. Tragedy or comedy, she can do it all. Maybe this is already planned and will be where Daisy shows her true colours.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Yasmeen scenes were terribly overacted. And yet again in the hospital visitors were not wearing masks.

Sean said...

The whole Asha/Nina storyline is just doing my head in. Did they put these two together just to mess them about for a couple weeks? It seems unlikely, but it's sure feeling that way at the moment.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree - it looks like they're going to kill off Johnny.
I think the Asha/ Nina plot is because of Asha's delayed reaction to the Corey backstory.
Asha feels 'safe' with Nina and probably feels that a woman wouldn't ask her to pose naked and post these images over the net.
It's all going to fizzle out, but I'd like to see who Nina pairs up with next! Is Nina bi or gay?
The actress who plays Daisy is brilliantly fab at being a scheming minx. It must be fun writing for Daisy!
I reckon she and her boyfriend (They pretended to split up, but I bet he's tucked away in the background) are after The Rovers.


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