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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 12 March 2021

The big "I am " Jacob gets his comeuppance this week.  He has clearly been dipping into the pot created by the pot and his little scam of blaming other people comes to an end when bigger boss Harvey picks him up and carts him off.  Jacob is later reported to be in a serious state in hospital.  Harvey (above) decides that Simon is responsible for Jacob's theft and now owes about £2k - so he had better do extra drug runs and take over Jacob's patch as he won't be returning any time soon.  Leanne gets close to talking Simon into going to the police and they are about to head to the police station.

Nina and Roy have a heart to heart - he advises telling the truth and Nina's truth is that she does not feel quite the same way about Asha as Asha feels about her which Roy recommends needs to be said to Asha.  Nina carries through on it and not surprisingly Asha does not take it well breaking off all relations with Nina and stomping off to see Summer and Kelly who is not finding it easy in the children's home to which Gary has inadvertently condemned her by offing Rick Neelan (in case you had forgotten).  Asha is flush with Dev's cash (I assume his financial problems are over) so instead of a night in a hotel with Nina she hands it over to Kelly who buys some odd pills from Simon which he found under the sofa as cackhanded Jacob had dropped them, so technically he has not stolen them(!).  Kelly decides to try them in Billy's flat before Asha and Summer return from the shop so they find her passed out on the sofa.  The inevitable hospital trip follows where it established that there is a bad batch of ecstasy in circulation at present.  Summer seems to get off lightly from Billy but Asha has to admit to Dev that she funded the drug purchase.  And who is there to look after poor Kelly?  Much later Dev tries to be understanding with Asha and her split from Nina and they talk about the evil of drugs.

In other news Peter is on his way home and Ken is insisting he returns to Number One, despite Steve's comments about Carla needing to make a life with Lucas.  Steve keeps trying to apologise, buying chocolates and calling Peter his mate - but no parsnips are getting buttered.

Abi is absolutely insistent that they do not take up Debbie's offer of the hotel for their wedding and are looking at various other venues, one of which has floor to ceiling windows (apparently in warehouse)!  Kev fancies Abi and the freebie.  Luckily Kev got his property back - I suppose he has the money for a flash wedding now.  Kev keeps putting off telling Debbie that they are not accepting the freebie - but by the time he does Abi has already texted with full details of the place (above) they are planning to have the wedding (I will believe it when I see it).  

Aggie is in Birmingham and Ronnie has a new job and somewhere local to live.  Turns out that he has moved into the Rovers and he and Ed have a few drinks.  As ever there is a reason for Aggie not liking Ronnie - probably because he always tempts Ed into drinking too much according to James who does not join the drinking session as he has training (I thought he was being transferred for big bucks - did I miss something).  Ronnie and Ed reminisce over some old stories and set up a little of the background between them.  Perhaps the Baileys are really a family and not simply issue based story lines.  Anyway when Aggie finally gets hold of a slightly tipsy Ed the latter has to attempt to sound sober (above) and almost certainly fails.

However before Simon and Leanne leave for the police station Chesney arrives looking for someone to cover a shift at the chip shop and they hear from him the news that Kelly is in hospital with an overdose, staying in overnight getting rid of some dangerous toxins.  Simon realises that he had the bad drugs and sold them to Kelly earlier (above) so if he goes to the police his chances of survival are below zero when Harvey catches up with him, not to mention the plod doing him for dealing.  Harvey phones Simon and insists on seeing the lad tomorrow.  Leanne offers to go in place of Simon but Simon says would be very dangerous; Leanne says she is going to pay Harvey off - although they do not have the money.  Leanne is insistent she is going to be a mother and sort this out!

So kids be careful.  Get mixed up in drugs and you get to meet foul men called Harvey (I thought he was a big white rabbit) and end up in hospital one way or another.  Don't do drugs - a whole hour dedicated to an anti-drugs message this evening, come on Corrie where is your Northern laugh along sensibilities, this is not why we watch.  The best bit of tonight was almost out of Benidorm - "rice and chips" - good Northern chips of course!

For those who have been following my obsession about the wooden construction above - that is the site of the former information office which is to become George's new funeral parlour - but the building work all started some weeks before he commenced looking for premises and actually showed an interest in the site.  Which just goes to prove that building work takes longer than anyone expects, although now doubt George will move in next week having noted that the Street has a very high proportion of superannuated residents and the area regularly sees the deaths of local residents of any age!

Today's update was brought to you courtesy of Boom Radio hosted by the wonderful Jenny Hanley reminiscing about Winnie-the-Pooh in Latin!  Yes that Jenny Hanley of Magpie fame!

Written by Debbie Oates and Ellen Taylor and directed by Karl Neilson.


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