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Monday, 22 March 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 19th December 1997

Liam and Zoe found caring for a screaming baby to be absolutely no fun whatsoever.  He went back to the Malletts, who were blaming one another for Katie's loss, and said they could have her back for another two grand.  Gary kicked him out because he knew he'd be paying forever.  Judy was angry that he didn't even think about it and went back to her old boss at the arcade.  She did a deal that she'd get a £2000 advance on her wages - after she slept with him.  She told Gary she had the money but didn't admit where it came from.  In the meantime, though, Zoe had fled from the squat with the baby, knowing that Liam was up to no good.  She turned up on Ashley's doorstep - which didn't thrill Maxine, who'd moved back in.  Kevin fired Chris and demanded to know from Sally how much he'd involved himself in his children's life.  She told him he could whistle for an explanation but she cried to Rita that she actually wanted Kevin back.  Meanwhile Natalie flirted with men in the Rovers to make Kevin jealous because you can't keep a trollop down.  Vera felt sorry for her though now she was on her own.  Spider was horrified to discover that Les was keeping a live turkey in the yard next door; it was going to be their free-range dinner.  He went round with some potato peelings and advice about how to keep it healthy, but Les sent him away.  Toyah talked to him and Spider explained about how they're slaughtered for meat.  He suggested they liberate it.  

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 21st and 22nd December 1997

Gary didn't want to buy the baby back; he thought they should move on.  Over a series of extremely grim-looking meals he argued with Judy and finally admitted he was thinking of leaving her because she was so obsessed.  He tried to give the money back to her boss, but she grabbed it and went to number 4.  Zoe didn't want the money any more though.  She wanted Shannon.  Gary finally convinced Judy to give it up and gave all the baby clothes to Zoe while she moped in the living room.  Les couldn't get the courage to kill the turkey, so Spider and Toyah liberated it and took it to the petting zoo on the Red Rec.  Apparently it was some kind of homing turkey because it ran back to Coronation Street, only to end up under the wheels of Les's car.  Kevin was deeply regretting ever leaving Sally.  He was staying in a rubbish B&B and keeping his distance from Natalie.  Chris went to see Sally and told her that Kev desperately wanted to come back.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 25th and 26th December 1997

It's CHRISSSSSSSTMAS!  The Battersbys tried to stomach the remains of the turkey, but Toyah had turned veggie, and Janice and Leanne were put off by the tyre marks.  Les tucked in because he was too bloody minded to admit it was awful.  On Boxing Day, Spider put Toyah off, and in a huff she went and ate a turkey sandwich.  Spider, incidentally, broke out a spliff, and Emily, the raver, pretended she didn't know what it was.  Kevin celebrated Christmas at number 13.  It was so nice Sally asked him to move back in permanently.  Meanwhile Natalie was having her Christmas dinner with the other staff members in the Rovers because she had nobody else.  When she heard the Websters were back together she burst into tears.  Good.  Jon shuttled between his wife and his girlfriend, which meant he ended up having two dinners, while Zoe refused to let Judy see the baby, rightfully thinking she was nuts and might try to snatch her back.  

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 28th and 29th December 1997

With the Millennium looming, Weatherfield Council decided to celebrate by building a concert arena on the Red Rec.  It was all hush-hush but of course once Audrey heard about it she couldn't resist telling Gail about it.  Toyah overheard and told Spider, who confronted Alf for being a despoiler of Mother Earth.  Emily told Ashley about a hostel for young mums, so she packed her things to move there.  However, Ashley felt guilty, and told her she didn't have to go.  Leanne demanded an apology from Judy in the pub, screaming that she did in fact buy the baby, but Vera said she'd done nothing wrong.  Sally didn't like Natalie continuing to work with Kevin and said she'd have to sell up.  Natalie refused though because it was all she had left and even resolved to take Chris back on to really wind him up.  Sally was left upset and stressed, and told Kevin he'd have to sell his half.  Elsewhere, Liz suggested Jon might have another woman, but Deirdre said he was too honest for that - oh love - and there was a sweet little scene where Maud updated Emily on absent friends.  Apparently Maureen was deliriously happy with Bill (for now) and Percy had spent Christmas Day in the kitchen at Mayfield Court organising everyone's dinners.  Bless him.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 31st December 1997 and 2nd January 1998

Ashley continued to let Zoe stay at number 4 even though Fred advised him it was a mistake.  He was soon proved right when she kissed him and they went up to bed together.  Nicky agreed to babysit Sarah-Lou and David on New Year's Eve, mainly as an excuse for him to get Leanne round.  He told her that he was going to visit some mates in Scotland and suggested she joined him for a dirty week away.  Emily and Roy were going to protest the Millennium Bowl by writing a stern letter to the Gazette.  Spider told her they needed to take more direct action, especially since he'd discovered there was a rare weed on the site.  He organised a protest meeting and got into an argument with Alf, who couldn't understand what the fuss was about. - it was going to bring in loads of jobs.  Liz and Deirdre had a drink in the Rovers, but Deirdre was mainly sad at spending New Year's on her own while Jon worked.  Liz suggested she take him a bottle of champagne at the airport but when she arrived, the assistant told her he was with his family.  She went to the house and saw him with his wife and kids and, when she rang the bell, Jon told his wife she was a lunatic.  The following day he went round to the house and tried to tell Deirdre he loved her and he was only staying with Linda because she was unstable.  Upset, she pushed him out the door and said she never wanted to see him again.  Deirdre realised he was going to commit bigamy for her and was scared about what else he might have done.

I'm sure absolutely nothing more will come of Deirdre's relationship with Jon and everything will be fine.  Tell me I'm right on Twitter @merseytart.

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