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Monday, 15 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 15th March

Remember when Toyah was a counsellor before she moved into sales (along with Michael, Todd, Alina, Sarah, Nick and Carla) at the factory? Maybe she could write a leaflet about dealing with grief based on Leanne's experience: Get Over Your Bereavement By Taking On Drug Dealers. Ms Battersby does a curly blow and dons something other than trackies and asks Imran for her job back. He agrees but won't give her an advance on her wages. She then approaches Nick who is his usual unpleasant self, assuming she got dolled up in order to get money out of him and then advises her to try "fur coat and no knickers next time". I've changed my mind: he deserved everything he got from Leanne during the Oliver illness storyline. He later apologies and gives her £1K - call it his share of the bills maybe.

She tracks down Harvey (presumably she discovered him on to give him the money and tells him that's it, Simon is off the hook now, but Harvey disagrees. Maybe Leanne should take advice from Eileen, who saw off Gay Gangsa Mick, Sarah who bopped Callum over the head, Dr Ali who murdered drug dealer Ronan or Gary who got rid of Rotten Rick - the street's residents have quite a lot of form in deposing drug lords and gangsters and given that Leanne's the kind of gal to burn down her own restaurant for the insurance, I think she can see off Jambo from Hollyoaks. In the meantime though she's taken over the drug dealing from Simon, which I think is taking parenting a bit too far (she hasn't even got a bike, she'll have to take the cocaine by bus!) Leanne eventually 'fesses up to Nick, but says it's all sorted, not telling him that she now has a second unpaid career as a mule. If Harvey offers her an all expenses paid trip to Mexico, she should probably refuse.

Simon visits Kelly (who obviously took her hair straighteners in with her) at Kate Oates Memorial and asks her not to dob in him to the po-po. Kelly is discharged from hospital straight to the police station where duty solicitor Imran suggests she tell the cops who sold her the gear. Kelly refuses and then also refuses to go back to her foster parents. Fortunately, there's a foster parent standing right there!

In the meantime, Dev tells Asha not to see Kelly any more. I thought Asha hated her anyway due to the whole naked photos storyline? Anyway, Asha tells Daddy Dev she asked Kel to get the pills and Dev naturally goes ballistic.

Michael shows some very old fashioned views about gender, wanting to know whether to buy pink or blue baby-grows (and probably whether to get a Barbie or chemistry set. Let toys be toys, Michael!) Ronnie gets involved and says he will pay for a gender reveal party (to Ed's disgust). I suppose a cobbles fire is overdue. Anyway, Ed says he and Aggie will pay for the stupid import from America foetus party.

Sally helps Abby with the wedding plans, because men can't be allowed near wedding planning, apparently. Surprisingly, Abby does not have a scrapbook in which she's been putting wedding ideas for the last twenty years. She is more interested in eating cheezy poofs and leafing through magazines and she tells Sal that she thinks a wedding is a party; it's not about dresses and seating plans and favours. I'm with the Abster on this one. Sally goes bridesmaidzilla and Abby calms her down by offering her the role of celebrant - Jenny Reece must be throwing things at the TV. Also, I bet Tim is rubbing his, um, hands in the anticipation of another wedding.

Oh and there's some Fiz, Ty and Alina stuff but I hate this storyline so I'm pretending it's not happening.

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Anonymous said...

I think Kylie was the one who bopped Callum on the head, not Sarah?

Anonymous said...

“I've changed my mind: he deserved everything he got from Leanne during the Oliver illness storyline. He later apologies and gives her £1K”

So Nick not randomly giving £2k to Leanne means he deserved all the horrible things Leanne said to him whilst he was losing his stepson? And despite him apologising and give Leanne as much as he can give (which he has every right not to) that doesn’t mean anything, he’s still his “unpleasant self”?

This blog has a really weird hatred towards Nick and it’s hardly ever justifiable. Yet other characters get away with murder, such as David. One rule for one and another rule for another

Do you all get a thrill when you find one thing to criticise Nick for?

popcorn said...

Great review!

Rachel Stevenson said...

Thanks Popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Leanne will be the next resident to be innocently locked up this summer. Yawn.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, Kelly must have also taken in her make- up and false eyelashes into hospital (and slept in them) too!
I thought by law, minors being questioned by the police must have a legal guardian or a parent there as well as a solicitor?
Why wasn't at least one of Kelly's foster parents there? Kelly wanted Imran to instantly foster her, having never met Toyah.
If Sally is Kev and Abi's celebrant at the wedding, they won't be legally husband and wife. The wedding has to be carried out by a registrar.
I think Ben Price, who plays Nick, is one of the best actors on the street.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I love Nick and the actor, Ben Price, who plays him. He's doing a great job showing the hurt he feels every time Leanne pushes him away. And it is really hurtful when you really love someone deeply and the only time they have time for you, frankly, is when they want something from you, in Leanne's case usually money or housing. The more Leanne pushes him away, the more guarded and suspicious Nick gets. Price is doing a great job showing this dynamic.

Can't stand Leanne though, or at least not with Nick--he has been her cash cow for too long! I still remember that one scene from 10 years ago when Leanne was so nasty to Natasha. Not because she really wanted Nick but because she didn't want anyone else to have him. I remember she sort of shoved Natasha at the mirror and basically said, "You can't compete with ME" as though she were so wonderful! So it's nice to see Natasha so successful and Leanne so....well, Leanne.

Robert said...

I heard Leanne was going to get nicked but then does some deal with the cops

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[23;33]Nick has never been a sympathetic character at the best of times,he's always been self centered and self absorbed.
Since Oliver died,Nick more or less has turned his back on a grieving Leanne,judging her for going to the pschyic and a troubled Simon [despite teeling Simon he would leave a meeting to talk to him]in favor of his son Sam only visiting when he needed Simon to spend time with Sam showing little concern for Simon's well being so yes Nick deserves every critism he gets.


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