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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 26 March 2021

I am not sure who is most off the rails this week - Simon or Leanne.  The latter has spent the night reclining in a cell at Her Majesty's Pleasure (a far from famous theatre) awaiting the continuation of her interview.  Except it becomes a job interview as (in Line of Duty argot) a "CHIS", or depending on your TV vintage - a snout, mole, grass, informer, source, spy, double crossing b****** only good for an inhumane beating or similar.  It is made clear that the existing evidence would not convict Al Capone and Harvey is snow (inevitably) white by comparison!  Simon cannot work out how Leanne can suddenly go outside and dobs her in to Nick who turns up concerned for about five minutes before getting back to playing happy families with Sam and his mum.  So Simon follows Leanne around the set and catches her wearing Aggie's uniform (which fits her slim frame remarkably well - when did she have time to take it in) at a spot he realises is one of his old regular drug drop off points (and looks like the bins out the back of Roy's Rolls to me - above).  So to get him to back off Leanne has to tell Simon what she is doing and he can see that Harvey will not perceive this activity as entirely the work of a friend and an early grave awaits them both!  Leanne tries to convince Simon the police will protect them - I can't think why Simon might feel this will not work!

Talking of happy families with Evelyn abroad and Ruby and Hope being hidden by the coronavirus cloak of invisibility we are left with Tyrone and Fiz not getting on (well are you surprised - he makes her iron his jeans!).  He has to work late (on a classic MGC GT - in absolutely stunning condition, on the right in the picture above - I used to have an MGB GT and that was in the days when sports cars were sports cars) so Fiz bobs rounds some sandwiches without piccalilli this time.  Actually she is checking up on him - and he challenges her.  

She later admits it - but gets a huge humble pie out of the oven - super large helpings all the way round.  Presumably the cloak of invisibility will mean that the children will re-appear for the wedding (I assume it is still booked after all this).

Sean is still talking about moving into his fancy flat with a fancy sofa.  

Talking of happy families Kelly Neelan has been listening to the clamour from the viewers to get fostered and nags Imran whenever he walks along the Street into first talking to R'Toyota (whom I swear has lost even more weight in lockdown) - when Kelly catches the latter in the Street Toyah is swayed into at least considering it.  By the end of the double episode it would appear that social services have also forgotten that (allegedly) Rick Neelan killed Imran's sister Rana.  {For the record we know better - but they don't}.  I just want to know why social services are not on Claire Neelan's case over Kelly; I assume she has reverted to being Lulu Lockett as the mangeress of Tassels where Bethany Platt used to work.  Anyway sometime next week it is likely that Kelly will be resident on the Street (simply because as Imran observes the wifi is better than in the home) and all talk of foster babies will be forgotten now that Imran and Toyah have a teenager on their hands.

Trickster Todd is back on duty - he gets Paul to join him in town for a few drinks and has also arranged to meet a "date" - Jimmi - at the same time and place; the latter arrives whilst Paul is taking an extended toilet break.  Much alcohol is consumed and Todd them claims the Eileen needs him to run an errand via the chemist and leaves the two of them getting along like it was a nightclub on Canal Street.  Meanwhile Eileen and Billy have been in the Rovers, masks off, not eating but it is clear that Billy is missing Paul (as identified earlier by nu-Summer to Todd which started of his latest behaviour) being in his life and finds it odd that Paul and Todd are becoming friends.  He is not relieved when Todd gets back to the Rovers where he can impart the excellent news to Billy that Paul has found another soulmate and they are really enjoying each other's company - indeed he had to leave because he felt like a spare wheel.  Anyway Eileen is off home to make a moussaka and garlic bread but apparently Billy has to explain first that the oven is a complicated cupboard with knobs on.  With Eileen gone Todd winds up Billy even further.

Elsewhere Ronnie remains convinced that he has given Glory sickle cell anaemia - which Ed tells him is nonsense.  Why has Aggie been sent away at a time when a few sharp words from her could disprove Ronnie's theory and why are the Baileys being wasted?  Answers please on a postcard to Iain MacLeod - urgently - they are his family and they just keep stuffing issues down our throats instead of being human.

Leanne, if you really believe what you are saying there then I am sure I believe you, but many others might not.  Simon falls for it however and that ends the week!

Slightly better than last week in my view - but not great.  Is Harvey acting or is he like that?  The whole Baileys nonsense is hard to stomach.  And I just don't think any soap can do an honest drugs story - because the scenes would not be permitted.  And frankly wearing the wrong head is not helping Todd in the slightest.

Once again this review was brought to you backed up by Jenny Hanley (boom radio) reminiscing this week on a trip to Beverley Hills and falling into conversation at the poolside with another English resident - who turned out to be Maureen Starkey whose husband was busy elsewhere in town!

Writers were Owen Lloyd-Fox and Jonathan Harvey and the director was Emma Lindley.


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Anonymous said...

The life of an archdeacon can’t be that hard. Billy and Eileen were in the pub for hours.
Another time issue seemed to be that Simon and Nick were in the flat one minute and then Leanne is there on her own when Harvey turns up again.

Anonymous said...

Fiz is constantly folding and refolding tea towels, that, and her shoulder bags across her front make me wonder if the actress is pregnant.

Sharon at A Quick Read said...

Good point above. An off- screen pregnancy often leads to an absence...
Why did the scriptwriters inform us all what the characters were having for their tea?
Imram and Toyah (who instantly agreed to foster Kelly after a 2 min meeting in the street) were having marinated tofu. Marinated in what, I wonder?
Fiz and Tyrone were having home- made pie, and Eileen was having mousskka and garlic bread. Lovely!
I agree about Aggie's nurse uniform fitting Lee-anne. It just wouldn't fit!


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