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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17th March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

It's nearly 2 years since the Bailey family moved into N0.3 Coronation Street and as relative newcomers, they’ve been quick to incept some drama onto the cobbles. With each family member having some drama or other to contend with it seems fitting that Ed's brother Ronnie's arrival should be very much the same.

Tonight, the Bailey drama thermometer is cranked up to 100! When Ronnie’s wife turns up, she’s full of accusations regarding Aggie and Ed’s marriage and Ronnie’s previous relationship with his brother’s wife. Ronnie tells his wife that he thinks Micheal may be HIS son! Ed hasn’t met Ronnie’s wife before either so some suspicions and sparks are sure to fly. Meanwhile, Grace is racially profiled in Frescho’s store and then locked up in a security office, prompting premature labour. The fast pace of the drama doesn’t make it any less shocking and we all know it happens. It’s not preaching or woke. Corrie is doing here what it’s always done - highlighting important issues. Anyway, Grace is rushed to the hospital and gives birth to Micheal’s baby. We just need to know who the Grandfather is now!  

Ronnie should have been there to pick her up, of course, so he gets a gob full from Michael. The emotional intensity between Father, Son, and Uncle is clear, the touchpaper now being lit for what is sure to come. Guilt-ridden, Ronnie tells his brother the real reason he’s back in Weatherfield and Grace soon gives birth. Ed gets on the phone with Aggie and she’s quick to dispel any paternity worries.Ronnie’s a charmer, entrepreneurial, humourous, and a dapper dresser. He is Michael’s Dad, isn’t he? Either way, I’m looking forward to finding out the truth in this paternity battle! 

Tyrone and Alina’s flirtatious fettling is a slow-burner but I am quite enjoying it. Yes, if the table was turned and Fiz was playing away, we could have more material but still, it works, and quite believable. I think. With the obvious chemistry between them though - who’s going to be the one to spot it? Visiting her in the factory, can’t be a good move - surely! Alina’s car mechanic knowledge seems to be an aphrodisiac to Tyrone, so its lucky Kev got in there first with Abi, eh! Meanwhile. Fiz is getting enthusiastic about the idea of them marrying. 

Abi’s nonchalant attitude to weddings is high-end Corrie and one which I never knew I needed! She is gold, isn’t she! Abi has little interest in Debbie’s whimsical wedding plans, so it’s good to see her pal Tracy join in with the dress fitting afternoon at the Bistro. I’m glad Abi and Tracy are besties again - it’s been a while. It does beg the question tho; where is Tracy’s other BFF, Beth Tinker? Anyway, I digress. With Sally also in attendance, this is the creme de la creme of Corrie women and the comedy is in full flow. Honesty is sometimes not the best policy, and that is where Tracy Barlow shines - superb! The wedding dress may have been spoiled but, again, Debbie and Abi do seem to have rebuilt a few burnt bridges - so at least that’s something. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Steve’s fundraising efforts are taken up a notch with a feature in the Weatherfield Gazette. Brian’s newspaper bill badgering upsets Cathy. Leanne’s fleeting appearance and hermit-like lifestyle cause some concern for Nick. Sam and Simon also bury the hatchet. 

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C in Canada said...

In two years you'd think the Bailey's could have finished off that staircase lol!

coconno196 said...

Tyrone and Alina is not believable. Fiz welcomed Alina into her home and they got on well. Why would Alina pursue her friend's partner? Tyrone might get a crush on Alina but she would reject him because she has morals.
And how can she afford a car??

Anonymous said...

I think that's the joke! He's a builder, but never actually finishes anything on his own place!

dhvinyl said...

I’m still reeling from Abi’s tattoos! Never seen a ruined arm as bad as that, and she joins Tim and Peter in the line-up of terrible tats! What possesses these people to desecrate their bodies like this ?!


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