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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Ruxandra Porojnicu interview: Shock affair for Alina and Tyrone?

Alina Pop and Tyrone Dobb's friendship has been developing rapidly over recent weeks, but when their feelings for each other escalate and become unavoidable, hearts are bound to be broken. During a recent press event, Ruxandra Porojnicu told us about how Alina will deal with this situation. 

"Alina definitely likes the fact that Tyrone has a sense of humour, he always makes her laugh," said Ruxandra. As well as an evident connection, Alina is also drawn to the fact that Tyrone is protective over her. "He's trying to help her every time she's in a bit of trouble, or she's unsure about anything. He's trying to be by her side and that's very important for her." 

Alina and Tyrone's feelings have grown progressively, becoming clear for Alina when they work on her car together in the garage. Ruxandra told us: "Spending so much time together and doing something they both are good at creates a bond between them. [Tyrone] coming to the factory and coming and saying 'Hi', and trying to find time to spend with her, it made Alina wonder what is happening."

While they seem smitten with each other, Ruxandra has mixed feelings about whether they're a good pairing or not. "On one hand, I believe they are because they are both good people and they both care about each other's happiness, so they are not selfish."

Tyrone comes as a package with two children, so could this be too much for Alina to cope with? "Alina's very unexperienced when it comes to relationships and this might be a bit tricky because Tyrone is a family man and Alina could potentially become step-mother- it might be a bit overwhelming for her in the future."

Alina does her best to stay away from Tyrone, but this doesn't work out as planned and ends up with Fiz confronting Alina in Roy's Rolls. "I think [Alina] does feel guilty because Fiz was there for her, now she feels like she shouldn't bring so much unhappiness to Fiz's life. But, at the same time, she's trying to step down and to stay away from Tyrone. 

"When this doesn't work out as it should, and Fiz confronts Alina, then I think everything changes, from Alina's perspective as well because she realises that if she's not going to stand up for herself, then she's going to be in a lot of trouble," said Ruxandra. 

Alina and Tyrone are bound to be the hot topic of Weatherfield gossip, but what advice would Ruxandra give Alina? "I think I'm a bit too late, but if I would have the opportunity to speak with her beforehand, then I would definitely tell her to stay away from a taken man." 

During the chat, Ruxandra also told us about how excited she was about being involved in this storyline. "Alan (Tyrone) and Jennie (Fiz) are amazing actors and what they've done with Fiz and Tyrone is just beautiful, you know. They are such an iconic couple. I was so grateful to be part of this storyline and work with them, so I was definitely very excited."

Could this be the start of a blossoming new relationship for Alina and Tyrone, and what will the inevitable ramifications be?

Sophie Williams 

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Anonymous said...

Seems a shame two good people can't be friends. There's two children involved who are paramount, the potential distressing them is totally wrong.
Coronation Street is full of dysfunctional relationships, Fiz and Tyrone should not be split up.
Walk away Alice, Tyrone is not your future partner.

Unknown said...

Yes he is shut up, they should split


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