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Friday, 5 March 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 5 March

Friday 5th March 2021

LEANNE CAN’T HANDLE SIMON ALONE Leanne gets up to find Jacob and Simon counting their drugs money. When she objects, Jacob makes a dig about her dead son. Leanne flips but as she tries to grab him she smashes Oliver’s music box. Leanne begs Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing but Simon points out the stark truth - they need the money. A desperate Leanne tells Carla that Simon’s going off the rails and she needs to talk to Peter. Carla promises to help but doesn’t want Peter involved. Carla warns Jacob to back off Simon. Will he agree? Simon returns home and tears a strip off Leanne for blabbing to Carla. Simon shows Jacob in who immediately starts rolling a joint.  When he laughs at Oliver’s nursery rhyme CD, Leanne loses it and shrieks at him to get out. Jacob challenges her to call the police, will Leanne shop her own son?

YASMEEN’S TRAUMA ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE The doctor confirms that Yasmeen suffered a major panic attack brought on by stress. Alya worries for her Gran.  Yasmeen returns home from hospital and asserts that she doesn’t want pills or counselling. Alya despairs. Elaine calls in and raises the subject of Geoff’s will. When Yasmeen asserts that she’ll keep the house but wants Elaine to have Geoff’s stake in Speed Daal, Alya and Elaine are taken aback. 

TYRONE LIES ABOUT HIS NEW YOGA FRIEND As Fiz tidies away Tyrone’s yoga mat, she notices the initials AP on it. Tyrone’s uncomfortable as he admits he picked up Alina’s mat by mistake. As he drops it off, Alina reveals she’s struggling with her coursework. Tyrone offers to stay and help.  As Tyrone helps Alina with her course work, it’s clear he enjoys her company. Back at home he covers his guilt, telling Fiz he’s packing in yoga as he’d rather spend time with her and the kids. 

ELSEWHERE Sean’s annoyed to find that Eileen has shifted all his boxes of makeup into the yard. Sean lugs them into the factory, telling Kirk that Nick has given him permission to store them there. Kirk’s not happy, pointing out how he tried to rip off poor Gemma and Ches.  Eileen urges Sean to accept that makeup sales was a bad idea. On Eileen’s advice, Sean calls Rhydian and tells him he wants out. Peter enters No.1 from the back yard stumbling into a piece of furniture as he tries not to wake the family

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JennyMac said...

Is it not time that our Corrie lightened up a bit. These stories are so depressing and there is enough going on n the world at the moment. As a lifelong viewer, and I mean from the first episode it is becoming harder and harder to switch on these days. So exasperating, we wait in vain for a little bit of comedic relief, but nothing. Dark deep story lines. Come on scriptwriters show us some humour somewhere.

Anonymous said...

JennyMac, I couldn't agree more. I am a Canadian viewer and am suffering through 4 episodes in a row with Debbie and Kevin locked in the fridge.

Flo said...

A US viewer that agrees as well. Enough of this doom and gloom continuously. This isn't EastEnders!


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